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    Gorf Pin

    haha! the lousy quantum and liberator pics are from my collection. I think I have all of them except for crystal castles(which I hear was recently done). I even spoke to one of the members of the design team of liberator and they did not know it existed. One of the projects I am pushing for is getting pins made for all atari games. My buddy says its doable and has the contacts to have them made. Covid screwed up the plan, but hopefully it can get done soon.
  2. did you post on klov? I have 3 or 4 of the plastic bezels. I found them in storage the other day. I need to clean them up and take pics.. The biggest problem will be shipping. Their size is too big to ship cheaply. I would guess like $40-$50 in shipping alone due to dimensional weight. I dont check here very often, so email me at [email protected]
  3. I dont think anyone saw it. I remember reading an article that when they asked the programmer of it, his response was shock it actually went into production. I think it was supposed to be an object motion test. I was shocked to find it in a warehouse. they actually had 2, but would only sell me one. The real sad thing is it has beautiful bruner art on it and it has a 22" tube that was only used in sundance. here is a pic of mine. I sold it to ken so he could keep it for cax.
  4. you really have to play warrior with its mirrored background to see the beauty of it. The problem is the controls. I think I read they originally was going to use 2 controls, but reduced it to a single stick with a a thumb button. game is pretty hard to play that way. At one point I owned nearly every vector, but I sold off my cosmic chasm, boxing bugs, warrior, barrier, tailgunner 2, and starhawk. one of my favorites is solar quest. It also has a mirrored background. aztarac is also a cool looking game.
  5. you must be too young to have played it back in the day. Crazy climber is one of my favorites. I have been taking mine to cax for the last 4 or 5 years. Before that, someone else was taking one. At one point I owned 4 different versions(cabinet styles) of the game. Currently I still have 3. I plan to only keep the taito version as I played that one when it came out. I think I have most/all handhelds and released versions of the game(I dont own a switch).
  6. if someone could recreate all of them like it, I would not mind replacing all of them. the only other fully sewn patches I have seen in the past are starmaster and sea club.
  7. Saw this on ebay and bought it since it was different than the one I originally won and looked cool. The guy said he bought it off ebay several years ago . Did someone make knockoffs or is this just a variant?
  8. thanks for the info. I have gotten a few messages for people wanting to buy. I don't mind selling them, but as I said, I have not sold 7800 stuff in something like 25 years, so a little out of date on prices. Sbaz Thanks for the info. Looks like really helpful info. I will respond to the pms. The only thing I know is ballblazer has to be worth about $20+ as the pokey chip in it is hard to find (arcade games use them and they fail).
  9. someone on klov wanted to get some 7800 games, so I dug out my stash of extras. I have not messed with carts in years. What is a good basis to value them. I found some online price guides, are they accurate? http://www.rarityguide.com/atari7800_view.php here are some pics of what I have extras of. some are still shrink wrapped. Since they are out, If anyone is interested in something let me know. (for the where is waldo fans, if you spot the proto 7800 cart in the pic, its not for sale). as for trades, I am looking for a few activision patches (I have nearly all already , so the extremely rare ones). I also collect atari enamel pins.
  10. that is a dedicated klax. Its an atari drawer cabinet. The same cab was used for skull and crossbones, badlands, escape from the planet of the robot monsters, and 2 player cyberball(plus a few protos). I like them because the drawer slides out from the front to easily change the board. Control panel is hinged at the front. It is wired as jamma, but it essntially 2 4 way sticks and player 1 and 2 star buttons. So you will need to add buttons to make it useful. The good news is that since it was a family cab, the harness should be pretty well populated. So adding buttons should be pretty easy (cab should be wired up the the molex for 2 joystick and 3 button). There is no unique hardware to this cab other than it uses 4 way atari logo sticks. It should have a wells k7000 in it. Grab it if you can klax is fun game! I would say Anything under $300 is a good deal in the usa, Not sure prices in the uk.
  11. Early games had unique cabs with custom controls that added to the experience. Battle zone has a periscope and tank controls, Star Wars has the flight controller, centipede has a trackball, front line, Ikari warriors, tempest, ect all had custom controls. but games lost that with Jamma. Very few modern games do that. Decicated Irritating maze comes to mind. Some of the modern games do things like adding lighting effects. As for art, atari did hit it out of the park. Just about every game they did has great art on it. I agree it's sad that you can't see it normally, but it's nice to know it's there.
  12. its a me problem. I am not that good at most games. I consider it a blessing as I have fun and die after 10 min. I cant imagine being one of those guys who play joust for 40+ hours for a world record.
  13. I really hate xevious.. I just fixed my buddies and could barely get past the 1st mothership. I got it for him about 25 years ago. He is one of those guys who can play it it forever. Kangaroo and Arabian are two more I can't stand. I forgot food fight and cloak and dagger out of my list. So that's about 50 atari cabinets which is about half of my games but about 70% of my videos.
  14. actually its quite easy to do a tube swap. there are youtube videos showing you how, there is a web page that tells you what tubes are compatible. I just swapped a 25" last month. if you can open the tv, thats the hard work. Metered the yoke and and it was correct for k7000. all I had to do was transfer the tube and swap the yoke connector. went from tired tube to perfect picture. basically, any tv set you find from the 80's to mid 90's is a good candidate for a tube swap. using a tube rejuvinator also works. but you can kill the gun if your not careful. But its generally a tool of last resort. you are taking life off the tube using it. So there is a tradeoff. sencore makes a more automated rejuvinator, but I have never used it. I have a bk 490 with pretty much every attachment to do tubes.
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