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  1. who makes the cart decals? they look pretty well done and a nice idea.
  2. here are a pic of all my extra pins. I am trying to get my hands on crystal castles. I asked he has more than 1.
  3. I am going to post up my spare pins as soon as I gather them. I don't think you can offer me enough money to get me to part with star wars, quantum or liberator(I have the only known liberator and quantum. Not 100% sure on star wars, but I have not heard of anyone having it either). I was told only 2 crystal castles pins were made. I do have a spare pole position which is very rare. I might have a spare millipede too. The xevious, dig dug, and olympic pin pictured are spares. need to figure out what is fair for them.
  4. yes, Just try to buy them as a set. I found 1st set of 10 and then then found 2 sets of the 2nd set. Someone is selling them individually on ebay for $3 a pop. I think someone was selling 8 of 10, but I think it was a mix of both sets. 2nd set they realeased was in 1984: sworquest pengo moon patrol dig dug joust space dungeon bently bear vanguard kangaroo jumgle hunt.
  5. I got a bunch of quick responses. I will compare those who pm me to replied to thread. So Consider the atari pencils sold. I dont know if any of you want the football or mean machine pencils, if so let me know.
  6. I purchased 2 sets of 10 pencils off ebay. I only needed one. If anyone is interested in extra set, let me know. there are a total of 20 pencils made. they were sold in 2 sets of 10. I paid $35.61 for both. so does $20 shipped sound fair? (within usa). Extra if outside usa. Send me a message if your interested. this set has: Yars revenge Star Raiders Tempest Centipede Haunted house Warlords Missile command Battle zone Super breakout Asteroids if your interested in others I have some football, mean machine, and a mc donalds pencils. If you want these, let me know, we can work something out. "Mean Machine" and one McDonald's pencil Dan Fouts - Chargers John Jefferson - Packers William Andrews - Falcons Chuck Muncie - Chargers Russell Erxleben - Saints Ed Jones - Cowboys Walter Payton - Bears Steve Largent - Sea Hawks Danny White - Cowboys
  7. I just picked this centipede belt buckle up. Never seen one of these before. Sort of not really made by atari. Was done in when they were atari interactive(hasbro 98-01). Maybe it has something to do with the atari/hasbro pc released game in 98?
  8. no problem. If there is a dedicated atari thread for memorabilia, let me know and I will post there(or feel free to move it). I could not find anything. I did find a thread about the 5year pin. Someone found one a few years ago and thought it was a 20 year pin. I posted there with a pic. here is a resin area 51 alien. I was told Atari made 3 of them. 2 of them were painted up. this one was the spare. Dont know what happened to the other 2.
  9. I have your answer. I got a bag of stuff from an atari games employee. In the bag was the 5 year pin in original jewelry box and slipcover.
  10. I was looking around for stuff and I found a bag of stuff I got from atari programmer. here are some pics. sorry for dumping them in the activision thread, I dont see an atari thread to put them. Hard drivin airborne cap came for a different employee.
  11. I have a spectre gcr. I think with case, cart, cables, manuals, and discs. I will try to find it. What does this go for these days?
  12. Vindicators was a kelly turner game. I dont know why they decided to use gauntlet cabs. Maybe atari made too many or were hoping to sell kits for a cab that ran its course. They also did crime fighters kit for the cab. Maybe he developed vindicators on gauntlet hardware. it seems odd that they decided to make so few kits and for it to go on that board. gauntlet is a full size board with a small audio amp board. Vindicators is a small board with an expanded sound board. actually moving one is very easy. Its very balanced from the back and the sides due to its shape and added weight in the base. It does take a tiny bit more room than a normal cab. My gripe with it is the base is wider than the head, so when you strap it in a bunch of cabs, you need to do it last. The worst part of vinidicators is the controls. the fire buttons are always broken and the centering springs. but once you rebuild the controller, its fine.
  13. how does it play on I assume a d pad? The bad thing about owning a vindicators is the controls are poorly designed. buttons break as well as the centering springs.
  14. I currently own a vindicators. I also owned a vindicators 2. Vindicators 2 was a kit atari sold to convert gauntlet cabs. You bought an upgrade and changed some chips to your gauntlet board and added a daughter card. I believe it ran on the same security chip used for empire strikes back. The problem with vindicators 2 is that its a stripped down version of vindicators. It has 10 levels vs the normal 14. As for the t-shirt, I dont think I have ever seen one. I believe a friend of mine probably has the art files to make them, but I doubt there would be a market to print them.
  15. I did not realize dark chambers was that rare. I think I have 2 extras new in the box..
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