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    In particular, Intellivision, Commodore 64, and Sega Saturn. Great consoles that never fully got their due, until now...!!!
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    Whatever I can get my hands on that is retro, especially for systems such as Mattel Electronics' Intellivision and Sega Saturn!

    I bought myself a modded Xbox with a ton of games on it. Now if I could only somehow burn a homebrew Dreamcast game...
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    So many games, so little time. But the classics will never go out of style !!!

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  1. I'll bite! In my opinion, I'm siding with the Sega 32x. Sure, there were many games which were just Genesis upgrades with more colors, and all of the Sega 32x CD games were just 32 bit upgrades for all of the Sega CD games. But, those games which were original titles released for the 32x only were great. I am a personal fan of Doom, Virtual Racing Deluxe, Metal Head, Knuckles' Chaotix, Tempo, and T-Mek. The Jaguar had less games released, and many of those games were disappointments, such as Air Cars, Cub Drive, and Ultra Vortex. The one thing which the Jaguar has, that I really hope to see with the Sega 32x, is a homebrew base, where unfinished games are finished and released, and homebrew games make their way to CIB releases. We already have Wolfenstein, Rick Dangerous, and I am hearing Ultimate Doom too. It would be great to see this underrated system get that boost as well.
  2. I invested a couple hundred dollars and bought a modded original Xbox with all of the games installed on the 2tb hard drive, along with over 900 roms for every system from the Atari 2600 to Commodore 64 to arcade roms. Yeah, I love it !!!
  3. No. They were gearing up to release an all-in-one Jaguar and Jaguar CD machine, called Jaguar Duo. Much like how Sega was gearing up to release the Neptune, which was an all-in-one Sega Genesis and 32x.
  4. Next Generation Magazine, when they first touted The Virtual Boy, stating that it "succeeds in producing a gaming experience truly unlike anything that's gone before."
  5. I ordered a copy of "Maria" for Intellivision, and I just sent payment in full yesterday via PayPal. Yet, according to my PayPal invoice, it states that the order is for "My Hero Academia: Vigilantes (Manga) Vol. 06." Please correct this, as I ordered MARIA for Intellivision.
  6. I love playing "CARD SHARKS" by Accolade for my Commodore 128D. In a world of Call of Duty games and MMORPG games, I enjoy killing a few hours, playing hears with Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Ronald Reagan.
  7. Have cool, will travel!

  8. Loss for words. Life is too precious to waste or take...
  9. I'm good for a copy. Please add me to this list. Thank you, :)
  10. I believe that there are plenty of videos of this on YouTube. I too have the soft-modded and a hard modded Xbox systems, with games already pre-installed by the seller. As for creating your own homebrew game, I'd love to hear more about that.
  11. Great stuff! Thank you for sharing! As a radio show host myself, it is appreciated. ~ Ash
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