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  1. Mine was back in 1987. I had just received both "The Train" and "Power at Sea," both for Commodore 64. Not only were the graphics better than most games of the genre. But, it was the first time I had played games at this point, where the game play was so immersive. I could not get over the immersive game play and how it felt so life-like. Needless to say, both games kept me glued to the screen, until I eventually beat both games, some time later. Great games then, and I still look fondly at those two games today. In fact, I still play them both, from time to time... In fact, it's games like these, which made me a huge fan of Accolade, back in the day.
  2. I actually have the magazine, where that Dracula game screenshot was printed. According to the article, that was a proposed version of "Dracula" all right. But, I believe that it was a screenshot for the proposed ColecoVision version, and not the Intellivision game, which Imagic did release. To my knowledge, the ColecoVision version of this game never made it past the concept phase.
  3. Wasn't there an add-on which was supposed to be released, to play a more arcade perfect version of this game at some point?
  4. Both were known to not be very user-friendly. But, I never liked the nub of the joystick of the ColecoVision, and I always preferred the keypad to be over the controller, so that the buttons and overlays could be utilized better. ~ Ash
  5. I always saw the Power Stone series as a unique type of game. Is it a fighter? Is it a beat-em up? Is it a platformer? But, if you really want to get into unique, then I'd say Typing of the Dead! That one is crazy fun, and definitely has more than one genre under it's belt, including educational...lol.
  6. My Game Room [and collection]. And this was taken 10 years ago. It has grown exponentially since...
  7. I was always partial to "Card Sharks" myself...
  8. My Mom watches "Highway to Heaven" a lot, and there is an episode where the stars of the show are in an arcade, and you can clearly hear the music from the Atari 260 version of Pac-Man playing in the background.
  9. I'm hoping that this game gets a CIB release !!! I'm good for one !!!
  10. I'll bite! In my opinion, I'm siding with the Sega 32x. Sure, there were many games which were just Genesis upgrades with more colors, and all of the Sega 32x CD games were just 32 bit upgrades for all of the Sega CD games. But, those games which were original titles released for the 32x only were great. I am a personal fan of Doom, Virtual Racing Deluxe, Metal Head, Knuckles' Chaotix, Tempo, and T-Mek. The Jaguar had less games released, and many of those games were disappointments, such as Air Cars, Cub Drive, and Ultra Vortex. The one thing which the Jaguar has, that I really hope to see with the Sega 32x, is a homebrew base, where unfinished games are finished and released, and homebrew games make their way to CIB releases. We already have Wolfenstein, Rick Dangerous, and I am hearing Ultimate Doom too. It would be great to see this underrated system get that boost as well.
  11. I invested a couple hundred dollars and bought a modded original Xbox with all of the games installed on the 2tb hard drive, along with over 900 roms for every system from the Atari 2600 to Commodore 64 to arcade roms. Yeah, I love it !!!
  12. No. They were gearing up to release an all-in-one Jaguar and Jaguar CD machine, called Jaguar Duo. Much like how Sega was gearing up to release the Neptune, which was an all-in-one Sega Genesis and 32x.
  13. Next Generation Magazine, when they first touted The Virtual Boy, stating that it "succeeds in producing a gaming experience truly unlike anything that's gone before."
  14. I ordered a copy of "Maria" for Intellivision, and I just sent payment in full yesterday via PayPal. Yet, according to my PayPal invoice, it states that the order is for "My Hero Academia: Vigilantes (Manga) Vol. 06." Please correct this, as I ordered MARIA for Intellivision.
  15. I love playing "CARD SHARKS" by Accolade for my Commodore 128D. In a world of Call of Duty games and MMORPG games, I enjoy killing a few hours, playing hears with Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Ronald Reagan.
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