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  1. I read in the non-spoiler thread for the game that some people have received their high score patches.
  2. Firefox on mobile didn't work for me either. Chrome worked though. Also using Android.
  3. I was also having issues with just the score page scanning. I changed the brightness and contrast to the default center location on my TV settings and the QR code scans on the first try now on the score page. The screen looks a little darker than I'd like but at least I'm not fighting the QR code registering on the camera.
  4. If you're a weirdo like me and Google street view the return "Shipping Department" address on the box it comes in, it's just a regular house in a suburb. (I was curious if it was coming from an actual commercial property or not). I'm guessing for each cart/digital download, they have to update the source with the serial number of the game and the recompile it and flash it to a fresh cart instead of just flashing the same "bin" on every cart. I'd guess they would have the whole box and manual stuff ready to go but they also shrink wrap each box so that's another assembly step in the process. There's probably only a few people (or may just them) doing it so it's taking time. I've had mine for a few days now but it would be nice if they would send out a blanket "Thank you for your patience, your order is on it's way" to all the people still waiting for over two weeks.
  5. slacker

    Movie Cart

    Yeah, Sega CD and early Saturn/PSX had a ton of these FMV games. Most of them not great but a few okay ones. That said, I'd definitely give one a play through on the 2600 just for the shear "nifty-ness" and technical feat of it. Being an actual fun game would be a bonus.
  6. I'm not going to make any comments on the morality of using someone elses IP without approval in my reply, but to answer the question, it all depends on who owns the IP and how much they're willing to fight for it. For example, someone like Nintendo is very concerned of any usage of their IP outside their own and will shut it down the second they get wind of it whereas some other company may either not know of an Atari homebrew using their IP or decide that it's not worth the money to stop it. </end of off topic for me> That said, these videos look fantastic! Keep up the good work @Andrew Davie!
  7. The green looking thing that doesn't hurt you but sort of looks like the heaters or radios or whatever they are from Keystone Kapers? Or am I thinking of the wrong skull & crossbones car?
  8. The QR code is killing me. I played for a bit after work today while it was still light out and it took me forever to get it to scan. I was just about to give up when it finally "clicked". Just played a bit more now that it's late at night with all the lights off and it scanned the second I pointed it at the screen. It must be really touchy to outside lighting. When I point at the screen with my camera app, it asks me if I want to open the QR code text in a text editor right away so I'm guessing it's something to do with the Javascript or something on their page that they're using to detect the QR code. No Patchgate from me. I ordered mine late in the night of the day it was released so I'm well past the first 250. I just found it interesting that my invoice number was lower than someone who was one of the first 250 people. Maybe they had a set of higher invoice ids set aside for those getting patches already.
  9. Even with Chrome, it seemed to be picky when trying to get a picture. The room I have everything set up in has windows on 3 of the walls and the small glare from the sun was throwing it off until I closed the blinds completely. Yeah, there's definitely something different in how it's done in this game. I remember David Crane saying something along the lines of saying it was "easier" than Pitfall because the player sort of got "stickied" to the alligator's head or something during the ZPH stream. I found that sometimes it allows you to walk farther on the gator's head than I would expect, but it doesn't seem consistent whereas Pitfall is always the same safe space over the eyes. There's definitely some mismatching going on at least with the invoice number. My invoice number is lower than widowsson (regular release #2320 with invoice #1945) which if they were sequential, mine would be before theirs and therefore I'd be eligible for a patch based solely on invoice # but it wasn't.
  10. Got my regular copy yesterday. Only had about 10 minutes or to try it and make sure everything worked though. Hopefully I'll get some more time to play tonight. It's a good game so far and I'm really happy with it. I obviously haven't gotten far and the gator part is harder than I thought it would be. I never really had too much of a problem with them in regular Pitfall. I guess I'm probably just really rusty. A bummer, but not surprising with the website issues, is that the high score stuff doesn't work on mobile with Firefox. The in-browser camera portion of the 2nd QR code never automatically takes the picture. Worked fine on Chrome though. Packaging and cart are all good quality. It's cool to see a brand new cart. The label on the cart was glossier than I was expecting (not a bad thing, just unexpected)
  11. That looks pretty bad and the colors seem off. Do your other games also have the same issue?
  12. Another 👍 for Frantic. It's an awesome game so far! Never saw that game before. It reminds me a bit of Zombies Ate My Neighbors for Genesis and SNES.
  13. I'm not sure. According to this thread it was possibly originally either hacked/written by Raymond Yeung and then some of the bugs were fixed by Dennis Debro. @DEBRO writes in the thread about apologizing to Scott about the easter egg change, so it sounds like Scott was possibly at least aware of it. Link to thread:
  14. That patch looks really nice. I'm sort of bummed that I waited a bit before going to the order page now. I'm surprised that it looks like they're only looking to potentially limit themselves to use just developers from back in the hay day for any releases under their name. I'd guess that pool of willing people is pretty small at this point. (Not trying to start any popcorn eating fest with that comment!) I saw a comment on Brian's Man Cave YouTube channel saying that Howard Scott Warshaw was mentioning publishing Yars Revenge 2 through Audacity. I'm not a Facebook person, so I don't know if it's true but that would be really cool to see.
  15. No hate here, I'm just glad that the high score list has a separation for which platform the score was achieved on as those playing on cartridge have a harder time due to not having the luxury of save states. I see someone already has 89 stars on emulator. I guess it'll be a battle of time to get top spot. Judging by the game play times and number of stars found, I'm not worried about game length. It looks like it'll take a good amount of time to find a decent amount of them before you get to know where things are.
  16. Looking forward to watching that stream once I have my copy and get stuck. haha Being a later regular number in the 2300s, I'm patiently waiting for a tracking number.
  17. Just saw this thread and was looking to pick 2 up for some worn out joysticks I have and saw like wangojack that they're out of stock.
  18. I sort of like the dense data look of the current Atari 2600 page without the extra bells and whistles. I think the images and such work well on the general 1982 page but for checking 2600 release dates and related media of a game, I'd personally rather just the info & links. I may just be an odd one though. Hopefully others chime in as well.
  19. Oh wow. I didn't even notice it while I was filming it. Yeah, it looks like there was a quick screen scroll then. I'll have to give it some more playing around to confirm how often it happens. It looks really good in person! I need to load it up on a CRT to get a better look of things as the flat panels never do video from real hardware justice from my experience.
  20. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but it's something that's been in the back of my mind. I'm excited about the online leader board and know I'll probably be ranked pretty low but I'm worried about how long it's going to take for someone to figure out how to manipulate the QR code the cart produces... or more likely, the URL it points to in order to cheat their way higher up on the list. I hope it's not something like just passing some query string to a page you need to log in to (god I hope it needs you to log in!) like: http://someurl.com/highscores?userId=1234&code=abcd&score=900000000000 Or something even encoded that's easy to decode like just a simple base64 encoding on the query string. My guess is that there's a private "key" it's encoded off of that both the server and the cart know. Problem arises with the fact that we can dump the carts or the people who have the digital download can view the contents and extract the private "key". Whatever url encoding process is done based on this key needs to be able to be generated by the 2600 and being a 2600, it won't have the advantages of state of the art cryptography libraries and will be using something "brewed up" by Audacity. That said, they could have a key for each cart (like a UUID) that would be hard to guess and even if you dumped the ROM, you would only have access to manipulate that one account's high scores instead of blindly spamming the leader board. This would require extra work on their side to maintain a database that matches UUIDs with serial numbers (not that it would be hard to do). I hope it's not just based on the serial number as they are sequential and it will be easy to guess the next one or previous one... or any one actually. I'm hoping that the audience that this game is for keeps it from being screwed around with like that for some time and I hope Audacity has planned for this eventuality with some sort of moderation on the high score list for obviously bogus claims.
  21. Awesome demo! It works on my 4 switch using Harmony cart just fine. Here's a video of it running (excuse the dirty room... it's on the "to-do" list ) I couldn't get it to upload here so I uploaded to youtube as unlisted. Let me know if you want me to delete it and I will. Video:
  22. I've only had the opposite effect from my experience but only with one cart. California Games' Biking game mode glitches on all my 6 switches but works fine on my 4 switch systems. I don't own Othello but Video Olympics works on both for me.
  23. Shot in the dark, but did you try turning the color tuning potentiometer on the board to see if it gets any better? (The 4 switch & 6 switch have it, not sure of Jr... never messed with one).
  24. For some reason the video doesn't work for me. Shows 13 seconds long and the bar plays for that long but no video is displayed. (Using Firefox)
  25. Alien Bill made this great page to generate music code for batari Basic for the 2600. It should give you a really good idea of what sounds are possible out of the box: https://alienbill.com/2600/atari-sound-forger/
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