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  1. Very similar story as myself! I was born in 85 and my first system we played growing up was around 1991 with my dad's 2600 that had been previously forgotten in the basement sometime around when I was born. (I actually just RGB modded it this past year. Still works!) I also got into collecting Atari games as a kid as they used to pop up super cheap at every garage sale. I think I originally found this site in the early 2000s when looking up carts in the rarity guide. I started looking into writing games for the 2600 around 10 years ago but didn't get passed making a color bar using straight ASM. It wasn't until this past year that I started writing some stuff thanks to learning batari Basic.
  2. Just picked up my standard edition copy! Serial numbers are over 2300 now. Firefox went into a infinite loop trying to access the site like other reported. I used Chrome and didn't have any issues.
  3. Haha! That's exactly what I hear playing in my head when I think of "Convoy". Glad I'm not alone. 😄 Edit: @ZeroPage Homebrew Good luck on the interview tomorrow. Looking forward to watching it!
  4. Nice game! I really like the room to room animations as well as the various "encounter" animations. I also liked how firing the arrow was done. Something that would be nice to see would be a "hard" mode where you can only have maybe 1 or 2 arrows instead of 3 as your max. That way when you get the dragon icon, you'll never be able to try all three other directions even at max ammo. That way if you miss, you have to go back and explore for more arrows and hope not to die before you find the dragon again. Do the dragon/pits/bat move room to room or do they stay in the square they start the round in? And is it possible to avoid pits or is it just a "roll of the dice" and hope you don't fall down one each time you see the icon?
  5. Added newest version of game to the top post (v0.3a) in both NTSC & PAL60 formats. New changes since last release (not a huge update): Fixed dead body color so that dead zombie bodies are now red mush instead of whatever color they were when they were "alive". Zombie have "hit" animation when they get hit by a bullet so you know they are getting damaged. Zombie and Ghosts both have a small knock back when they get hit by a bullet. Reworked door/gate/etc images so that they're more obvious what they are. Reworked a small bit of the map so it's easier to find the first item. I think that's it?
  6. Just gave the game a try and I really enjoyed it! Extra lives every x amount of points would be a cool addition (as discussed above). Level 5 (I think that's the one. It's the one with the two bouncing balls with the large gap) is a tough one for me. I either make it through and get a decent way into the game after I clear it or it sucks all my lives away and I get game over.
  7. Really great music! I loaded it up in Stella and had it running to my headphones for a bit at work today.
  8. Just tried this one out for the first time today. I really enjoyed it! Very cool adventure game. The dragon gave me a bit of a run for my money but after a bit I was able to make it to the end. (On B difficulty)
  9. Yep. Or just check out the local hardware store or even big box Home Depot/Lowes for them. I picked mine up on Amazon Prime for cheap a few years ago. Had it within 2 days for my IBM XT power supply (same bit). This video was rushed and trash. Why didn't he try the monitor in another computer and see if it worked? Why not change the CMOS battery? Why not use a PS/2 reference disk? Why not just ask someone on vcfed or or his own patreons if he was unsure. At least for a starting point for diagnosis. Really disappointed in this video. I've been subscribed to his channel since the iBookGuy or whatever he was and this one takes the cake of crap.
  10. slacker

    Shadow Reflex

    Cool game! I dig the auto flipping of the ship to keep it facing the enemy. It definitely gave it a unique feel. The drone is pretty tough to hit at any distance. I was only ever really able to get good shots on it while I was dangerously close to causing us to crash into each other. (Though that could just be me being bad at it. ) It would be cool to see power ups (temp weapon upgrade, shield, etc) that randomly appear in the play area and whoever flies over it first (you or drone) gets the power up for x amount of time. Also maybe the addition of obstacles in the play area at higher difficulties.
  11. @Al_Nafuur I added a PAL60 version of v0.2 to the original post.
  12. Oh cool! It looks like it works. Thanks! I'll spin up a version of the demo either later today or tomorrow and post it to the thread.
  13. I'm not too familiar with how PAL60 works. From what I see on Random Terrain's website, I can use a list of consts for the colors to swap them out between NTSC and PAL60 (https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#colors ). Is it just a palette swap but keeping the same NTSC refresh rate? I gave it a go on the title screen and in Stella the background color looks wrong (but I guess red still works. Text looks correct). Do the colors end up looking correct when viewed on a PAL TV? Attached are a screenshot of the two versions. Green background is regular NTSC and red background is using PAL60 colors. If this seems right to you, I'll go ahead and add a PAL60 version of the v0.2 demo.
  14. Finally caught the ZPH stream on YouTube. Thanks again for playing! This was also answered in the stream but I figured I would post here as well: Gun can be used to kill any enemy. Each enemy has it's own health and speed stat. (Speed stat is the probability of moving per frame). Some enemies have much higher health than others. The enemies with a lot more health are reserved for ones that walk a predetermined path. Enemies that have detail are zombies (player1). Zombies besides the ones that walk predetermined paths can't walk through walls unless they really wiggle their way through (Had to use a simpler version of the collision detection than the player to save on cycles). Enemies that are just the solid blocks that float through walls are ghosts (missile1) Anything that's picked up or killed adds to your score (besides health) Kill a zombie: 50 Kill a ghost: 100 Kill boss: 2500 Boss Projectiles: 5 (15 for last one) Pick up weapon: 1000 House (green) key: 500 Graveyard (orange) key: 1500 Gas can: 500 Bugs/To-Do: Update entrance to green key area to make it more obvious that you can walk off the screen that way. Extra lives or full health if lives full at x amount of score interval. Fix bug where NUSIZ1 gets reset when player is marked dead. Currently sprite scaling/duplication reverts to 1/normal when player dies. This can be seen at the end of ZPH's stream of the game when they died by walking into the big zombie blocking the forest entrance. Some screen layout updates where player can get a little stuck when moving to next screen. (Exiting the green key screen to the right on the lower half of the exit is an example of this) Make the difference between doors (at least green door) and ghosts more evident. On ZPH stream they point out that the ghost and the door are exactly the same. Didn't even think of that! Definitely needs to be fixed. Start working on puzzle/map for area 2. I'm open to suggestions as well!
  15. Awesome! I feel honored getting a spot on the show! Glad you liked the game so far. I'm unfortunately not going to be able to catch the stream live tomorrow but I'll definitely check it out when it's posted on YouTube. Really interested on hearing your input.
  16. Updated first post in this thread with version 0.2 download. This version uses the right difficulty switches to set monster difficulty. In the A position they will be full speed and full damage. If it's in the B difficulty they will do half damage and move at half speed.
  17. Thanks! Good to know about the difficulty. It's hard for me to tell because at this point I've run through the game 1000 times. To get the gun: Thanks!
  18. I started learning batari Basic in June and have been playing around with it on my free time when available. Here is my first Atari 2600 work in progress. It's an action/adventure game based around trying to escape a zombie outbreak. The game is currently a 32k ROM but at least half is unused as I went for a larger ROM file so I could include more screens later. The current game only includes the first section of the game. The goal of each area is to get the gas can to fuel the car enough to keep going to the next location. The very rough "story" I have for this game: You finally took the long road trip up to Cranberry Lake, NY to pay your respects to your parents who passed years prior in an accident. You haven't visited their graves in many years and the guilt of never having the time to go finally caught up to you. While walking to the graveyard, you meet up with an old man who was your parent's friend and neighbor. He is happy to see you and lets you know he's going fishing at the lake just north of the cemetery and that you should come seem him after your done with your folks to catch up. While at the grave site you notice that the ground at another grave appears to break apart as a hand reaches through the soil.... Controls: Joystick moves Button fires (once you find a gun) Color/BW switch pauses game Left Difficulty in A Position: Lose all items and progress on game over. Left Difficulty in B Position: Items and progress is saved on game over. (Until a reset) Right Difficulty in A Position: Full Speed Monsters and Full Damage (v02) Right Difficulty in B Position: Half Speed Monsters and Half Damage (v02) On title screen, button starts the game. On "car" screen, button drives off. Tips: Colored barriers require keys to unlock them. Treat the gun as a machine gun. Hold the button down when firing otherwise some enemies will take forever. Boss of area one is vulnerable on the right side. The forest is a maze and not all screens will make sense. Don't be surprised if you're turned around there. "Thin" ghosts are only easily hit from the the left or right side. Screen shots: ROM attached to post. Please let me know any issues you may have. I've played it on my 4 switch and 6 switch using the harmony cart and haven't noticed any flickering or issues but if you see anything, please let me know. Thanks! Update 2021-02-10: Added NTSC & PAL60 version of v0.3a zombie_crisis_v01.bin zombie_crisis_v02.bin zombie_crisis_v02_PAL60.bin zombie_crisis_v03a.bin zombie_crisis_v03a_PAL60.bin
  19. I had this issue with a copy of Video Chess I picked up on eBay for dirt cheap. The seller guaranteed it worked but it was DOA when it arrived. I have 6 2600s and it didn't work in any of them. I took apart the cart and cleaned the pins as well as re-flowed all the solder joints with no luck. I let the seller know and they refunded me the few bucks I was out for the cart. I ended up picking up another cart and worked fine. My copy of California Games that I've had since I was a kid used to work fine. Sometime in the past 15 years, the bike track is now bugged out and doesn't work right. There's random corruption when playing that game type (but surprisingly none of the others... the bike track is the best part of the game so it's sort of a bummer). I'm guessing the ROM is deteriorating or something as I know it worked completely fine for many many years before it started to bug out.
  20. Attached are pics of my USA light sixer and 4 switch boxes. Light sixer box still shows the heavy sixer on the cover and sides with the 1978 copyright date. On the box of my 4 switch, it's a 1980 copyright date but what's interesting is that it's still a "heavy sixer" image just manipulated to look like a four switch model instead of a six switch (edges are still the round thick style of the heavy sixer in the images).
  21. Yep, that was through an LCD TV. I have a CRT in the basement so I gave that a try to see if it would clear the picture up at all. The pics don't do it justice but it's amazing how much better the picture is in comparison to the LCD. That was the picture quality I remember when I was younger. My phone kept trying to lighten the black area while trying to get a shot of the screen so the pics look a bit washed out. In person, the black was black and the colors looked right. Looking at the bottom row closely, you can even still make out the separation between the inner box and the outer box. Does the RGB mod clean up the picture on an LCD TV? I have two 4 switches I have to repair and was thinking about throwing an RGB mod in one while I had it apart.
  22. There's Alien Pinball that's pretty good. I noticed it doesn't work if Stella is in Developer Mode but on Player mode it plays fine. Link to thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/235009-alien-pinball/
  23. I actually was just playing the ROM on my Harmony cart the other day!
  24. I noticed on real hardware that some colors have really bad bleeding into the background color or maybe it's just bad focus. I never really noticed this much before I started tinkering around in batari Basic and noticed that the crispness I see in Stella isn't really reflected on real hardware when it comes to some color contrasts (currently still using plain old RF with one of those coax adapters). What's interesting is that some colors are still super sharp next to each other while others become a blobby mess. Is this something that programmers just tended to work around so to avoid it appearing in their game or is my system just starting to show its age and could use a recapping? I don't really remembering noticing this that much in anything but my own batari Basic game I've been working on and there was one screen in the Cave In homebrew that had this happening as well. Attached is a picture to show what I'm talking about. As you can see, F0 and B0 next to each other look terrible but FE and B0 look great. Sorry it's not the best pic. It's a cell phone shot of my TV. Hardware used was a Harmony cart in my light sixer. Program used was Random Terrain's NTS color compatibility tool (Found here: Thanks in advance!
  25. Finally got around to playing this today and I really enjoyed it. I completely dig the theme of the game and the whole look of it. I was lucky enough to make it through the dropping blocks section with only losing a few lives after figuring out what needed to be done. Two things I noticed while playing (played on my 6 switch using Harmony) was that the scan line counts caused some decent screen flicker on the upside down cross section inside the church. The second thing is that it wasn't clear (until going back and reading now) that I was suppose to spend my extra lives trying to cure the people at the end. I thought I made it to a kill screen because I couldn't move to the next screen and every time I died the screen changed. I'll have to try again with pressing "up" to throw some medicine on the infected dudes.
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