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  1. Hi all, Finally got myself a 7800 yesterday so am now looking to flesh out my collection. I am seeing a lot of Pole Position II carts on eBay here in England with the non picture label, however I was under the impression that all Pal carts had a picture label as it was never a pack-in. Is anyone able to confirm if there was a Pal non picture label? Just want to make sure I don't end up with an NTSC version. Thanks in advance.
  2. The game list for the generations has now been released, 96 games in total, more details here: http://www.usgamer.net/articles/retro-bits-generations-console-looks-a-leap-beyond-the-classic-mini-nes-2 I'm even more excited about this now, it certainly is the year of the retro plug n play / handheld
  3. Funstock now have this up for pre-order for those of us in Europe (with some rather questionable home-made looking 'renderings'): http://www.funstockretro.co.uk/atari-flashback-portable-retro-gaming-handheld Bizarrely I found out the other day that they are based only around 10 miles from me, small world! (or small country more like...)
  4. oOOo a secret 5th hardware product on the way, color me intrigued! I am guessing on something Atari arcade (rather than 2600) related but we will wait and see
  5. Very interesting, already have Fast Racing Neo as a digital release but will probably pick up the Steamworld collection as I have no experience with either of these games and I know they are highly regarded.
  6. I feel fortunate that I pre-ordered from amazon UK the day this thing was announced, I just happened to spot it on there that day and thought what the heck!
  7. My first exposure to the 2600 was actually in the early 90s when I got a Systema TV Boy from Argos one Christmas, i would have been about 6 or 7 at the time and already had a Master System but I still had great fun with the TV Boy for many years, probably until I got my N64 around 1997, even then I left it at my Nan's house to play when I was over there. I used to play it with a 3 button mega drive controller. I still to do this day cannot work out what I did with it though. However I had no idea that the TV Boy was actually a 2600 clone until the 2000s when I started researching into gaming history and the 2600 when I started to realise a lot of these games looked rather familiar... I have actually just snagged a bundle of broken TV Boys for cheap on eBay to try and get going. I already have an av modded Jr, a ton of games and a harmony cart - but i'd still like to get one of these TV Boys working to compare to the real games!
  8. Hi all, Hopefully someone, Bill perhaps, will be able to answer this for me. I keep seeing on eBay new Genesis/Mega Drives handhelds that look identical to the to the AtGames units yet are sold almost as generic/unbranded versions. For example: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sega-Premium-Handheld-Game-Console-Portable-Video-Games-Retro-Megadrive-PXP-UK-/262525708453?hash=item3d1fc068a5:g:F2wAAOSwIgNXiIs2 I was just wondering if anyone knows if these are genuine AtGames manufactured units or are they a knock-off (clone of a clone!?) - the prices are obviously vastly lower than the retail of an AtGames unit which does arouse suspicion, especially if these are licensed or not? (The Sonic Generations screenshot doesn't help matters in this listings case either!) It also states one of the 20 built in games is Streets of Rage which as far as I am aware was not included on any of the western releases of the 20 in 1 version? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Looks like a glossier version of fast racing neo, might be worth checking out although no weapons by the look of it (a la classics wipEout?)
  10. Chamber Lid eh, sounds like a posh way of saying toilet seat. No surprises there then, although their response regarding future versions was nice and open ended which is always a positive. I'm sure if this does well a SNES version will be release, N64 I wouldn't be so sure on.
  11. Atari Flashback Portable - Awesome Fortunately my parents will be out at their place in Florida later in the year, so i'll have to ask them to pick one of these up for me as I am not sure if it will get a retail release in Europe. Regarding the Sega Portable (and console for that matter) one feature I would quite like to see added and believe is feasible, would be Master System and/or Game Gear Emulation. I know in the US market this would probably not be desirable but in Europe and Brazil (I know the Sega units are sold over here in England, not sure about in South America) this would probably be a popular addition. I have the Master System/Game Gear handheld that came out and its a great unit but obviously lacks the SD card slot of the Mega Drive/Genesis device, a combination Mega Drive/Master System/Game Gear unit would be awesome! Anyway I am glad that these devices exist and that you are on the team Bill, I fully understand the restrictions of the market and the choices this forces AtGames to make and believe they are doing what they can to provide a retro experience for the masses.
  12. Day 1 buy for me, definitely. This along with the Atari flashback portable, what a great way to end a year that started with the delightful Chameleon fiasco! I'd always hoped Nintendo would do this at some point and with the move to digital of late I thought the chances would be getting slimmer and slimmer, but by jove they done it! HDMI is an excellent addition and the real selling point for me; it was pretty obvious if something like this was to be released it would have no SD/USB slot or cartridge slot, I just wouldn't expect it in the market this will sell in. Hopefully as Bill has already alluded to this will improve the market for such devices and hopefully push AtGames into being able to add HDMI to their devices, one reason I have not picked up any of the home versions as yet. I have no doubt that this will sell very well though.
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