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  1. A1021199176 NTSC bought from B&C Computer Visions with the intent to modify. This poor poor xegs ... I haven't been here for a while and will post pics later!
  2. Atari's Phi0 Phi1 Phi2

  3. Most newer ATX Power Supply's do not supply the -5v line anymore. If I remember right, it was used for the serial ports on computers. On my internal Coleco ADAM Power supply, I used a mini-ITX power supply from an Antec ISK-300 and a 7905 to supply -5v from the -12v line. Worked a treat, untill I upgraded to +5v Video Memory.
  4. Huge update! It's ALIVE!!! The 7905 and 7812 voltage regulators seem to be ok for the ADAM. *whew* did a huge push this afternoon and evening. If you feel queasy about 30+ Year Old Plastic being butchered and otherwise mutilated, then turn away. I did some huge hacks to make this work, and would suggest skipping the 4PDT switch to simplify things or even building a separate power brick of sorts to preserve your case. I don't have such feelings and look at this as an improvement when it's all built inside. Drilling to mount the laptop power plug Front Mounted power switch. I didn't want to mount it lower as the keyboard may have gotten in the way of it and had to hack a lotta plastic out from this and the top cover. I suppose I could have placed the switch elsewhere like the sides or left side front... but I started cutting and could turn back now A look at how much I had to gouge out of top cover Finished switch, and I also used hot glue to hold it in place Inside placement for 4PDT selector toggle Not a whole lotta room behind it De soldering wiring going to main PCB 4PDT Toggle wired up and 2 4pin molex connectors Soldered into onboard db9 pin holes a floppy connector for IDE CF Adapter. Initially I was thinking of routing power through pin 20 like I did on my Atari xegs IDE CF card, but that's a lotta work. Onwards to reassembly! I used an eraser to clean off all contact edges and used Automotive Dialectric Grease to prevent corrosion. Grease I used. Also used this on any socketed IC pins While greasing up the rom pins, I found these under two of them, this one and the far left one. What are these flat orange thingies? Using Hockey Tape to prevent these sharp edges from rubbing through my new wiring. Also used some on various other wires to prevent damage from the shield. Wrapped LPT Port and IDE CF floppy connector Almost ready for a Smoke Test! Surprised the new cabling fit under the shield. I had to bend over a capacitor and transistor and be really careful around one capacitor. Look Ma! No Smoke! And no Printer! Nice clear blue background, so -5 volts from the 7905 seems ok. My Desk is a MESS!! my floor is a mess too, and livingroom... but I ain't taking pictures of those Welp, it's almost finished my ADAM project. But as far as the Internal Power Supply is concerned, It's done
  5. Now this pushed me over the jealous line... Nice find btw! and yes, welcome to AtariAge, where you'll find many who tossed their old equipment just to ebay it all back
  6. I tried to fix a mainboard to reflow solder the chipset with the oven. I had the temp too high, and left it in too long, and pulled it out of the oven just as my Mom got home. Needless to say she was not impressed when I rushed by with a smoking, hissing, exploding caps, and fire alarm mainboard. Now-a-days, I used a paint stripper heatgun to do my reflow hotaire soldering. Someday I'll get a pro unit, but this redneck one works for now My repair rate with it is around 40% success! lol
  7. A plan is made, and now execution! Wiring time I reused some computer 4 pin molex connectors, and split the metal crimp to remove the wires. I had a crimp tool from my VEMS fuel injection which seemed to do well, but still soldered the wires together, and heat shrink tubed everything. A little over kill probably, but I started this this way, so gotta finish it now. Fitment Check.See if everything still goes where it should, not interfering with anything. Also checking the LPT port cable route. I added a connector between this power switch and wiring. When the switch is installed in front panel, it won't push into case so needs a way to disconnect for dis-assembly. I made the wire a little extra long so it can be pulled out to be un-done. Smoke and Voltage Check! No Smoke! yeah Next up, de-soldering the main PCB wires! Wiring up the 4 Pole, Double Throw Toggle switch, Cutting plastic for front power switch, holes for laptop power plug, etc... Welp, thats all for tonight, off to play TF2 MvM ;D
  8. So, Update Saturday Morning Work Spent WAY too much time making a visio diagram of the schematics, but is worth it to keep all the connections straight in my head. JPG Schematic PDF Format Schematic.pdf Decided to pull the wires from ADAM's PCB and solder new ones to the switch. The Colours I chose came from some obscure power pinout and don't match what's inside the ADAM, but it helps sort out what goes where.
  9. Yeah, I made my own AV cable using a 7 pin DIN I had left over from my making a 5v Power Supply Adapter for my Atari XE GM. Found the plans on the internet and also had my ADAM opened and was easy enough to make. Yes I got the Updated dual CF Cards! Had a fun time getting Monies to ADAMCon and found my back had Western Union so we tried it. I just got the stuff last week and tried it out.
  10. Hi! So, I have this ADAM, and it needs the printer to work because it houses the power supply. Guessing many here know this, but I thought for those who don't I'd re-iterate. I've built many computers, and a few have been mini-itx. They use these teeny tiny power supplies and are cheap and easy to get. I happened to have several on hand and settled on an Antec ISK300 Power Supply. The Antec Mini-ITX PSU used a 19v Laptop Style Supply, which are plentiful and easy to acquire. My Final idea is to be able to plug this into a modern TV (with composite av jacks) and do some gaming and so on. I purchased ADAMcon's IDE CF, Printer Card with Boot EEPROM, and 256k memory expansion. It came with it's own Power Supply, and will be building a lead for it too. The LPT port I'll drill into the back and route internally as well making for a nice tight package. Power Supply puts out one +12v, +5v, -12v, +3.3v (not used). The ADAM needs +12v 0.3A for Logic (RF Modulator), +12 2.55A for Inductive loads (Data Pack Drives?), -5v 0.2A for Video memory, and +5v 3.0A for Logic (everything else). I plan to use a 7812 Linear Voltage Regulator for the RF circuitry which I'm not even using as I used Composite and Audio out. And a 7905 negative linear voltage regulator to regulate the -12v for the video memory. And a large 4pole double throw toggle switch to switch between the Printer power, and Internal Power. A Single rocker switch up front to switch the +19v supply on and off. So, this is a build thread to show my progress, and possibly inspire others around to drill and hack into 30+ year old plastic and make something old, better. Tear down and one of my mini-itx psu's, which turned out to be damaged. Lower case shell, Antec 300W PSU, Bent Aluminum Riveted to Lower Case Shell. Rear LPT printer port, a pci bracket is used with a dremel to cut the hole. Nuts are raised too high, so I used a drill to cut a hole in by hand. Mounting of Aluminum L brackets and fitement Mounting the Linear Voltage Regulators using the Aluminum as heat sinks. You can kinda see the brass mainboard standoffs Final fitment for the night. And that's how I spend my friday nights! I should be out looking for a future ex, but instead working on my ol' ADAM. Thanks for reading, and comment away!
  11. Yes, or pull the wires going to it from the mainboard. There's a lotta ground to heat soak and de-solder and I used a lighter on my solder iron to do it. Did you check out Jmetal's Thread as well? He used a 7805 to supply +5 volts to the circuit for even better image (no ghosting).
  12. Also check out The Atari 8-bit New User, Emulator Help FAQ
  13. No Signals at all either. No ECI or PBI signaling are available. AFAIK, it's in the MMU, the XEGS uses a different MMU than the rest of the XE line, and doesn't have the PCI circuitry. I've looked into swapping it out for an XE version, but it would take a *lot* of soldiering, hackery, and butchery.
  14. Is there something I'm missing? like a video or picture? I don't see anything
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