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  1. Hi, This is just to inform you that the Andorid port of the game has recently been updated (stability & bugfixes). Enjoy!
  2. Hello, There is an Android port of Tensor Trzaskowskiego available in Play Store. Enjoy https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mgrinzRafal.Tensor&hl=en
  3. Hello guys, Recently I stumbled upon my notes on how to progress through the game. Yesterday I added some pictures and published "official walkthrough" It's in polish, though, but I believe the pics are more than enough to grasp what actions should be done. Enjoy http://chabowski.eu/rzygon_solucja/
  4. I think the original FUEL font is somewhat nicer... Enhanced version looks like FVEL to me Otherwise nice, subtle touch.
  5. After playing a bit with the "show_intermission" routine and commenting completely unrelated piece of code the music started playing correctly. The music during the gameplay got corrupted, though... Seems like something behind my understanding of Atari is happening here. My one and only suspicion is that I keep executing "jsr RASTERMUSICTRACKER+3" in VBI and in other places I happily call "jsr RASTERMUSICTRACKER" to play different song without any means of synchronization. Should I make sure that there are no calls to playroutine until player is fully initialized (ie. disable VBI before player init call and reenable afterwards)? Anyway, the code is freely available on GitHub - if some great coder could take a look and suggest what could be wrong I'll be glad for any hints.
  6. OK, so I shall look into the issue at some point. Thanks for reporting that
  7. Great stuff, Wally 2109, As far as I know there is at least one Action! programmer out there, so Spudge might turn seductive enough for him to switch Good luck with the project. I myself also like to write compiler from time to time, but it's always hard for me to make it to the end. Do you plan to release the Spudge source code? I love to read stuff like that.
  8. Tetryx: http://atarionline.pl/arch/T/Tetryx/Tetryx%20%28-%29%28pirx%29%28PL%29.xex
  9. Hello Yautja, You can link to this video of "Tensor Trzaskowskiego" - it shows newer (and final) version of the game (more music, more colors, etc.)
  10. You're welcome I'm glad it turned out to be the emulation problem, since I don't own any NTSC machine to try and see what could be wrong.
  11. Hello Again, Apart from preparing graphics and levels, Vidol also prepared single-segment, compressed, tape-friendly version of the game. Please find this version attached. Tensor_pack.xex
  12. Good evening! I am proud to present the after-party version of Tensor Trzaskowskiego game. Changes include but are not limited to: - More amygadala types - More caves (51 in total) - all with strange, polish names - Things fall faster - Additional music from Makary (in-game and for intro-screen) - Additional graphics from Vidol (for intermission screen and for "congratulations" screen after clearing last cave) - Level balance - Less flickering (thanks to the sophisticated ANTIC-disablation technology) - Nicer, animated credits It is just better on so many levels that it's hard to bellieve it's been released Final binary is to be found as an attachement or here: https://github.com/mgr-inz-rafal/tensor/raw/master/bin/tensor.xex Source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/mgr-inz-rafal/tensor Thank you and good lick! tensor.xex
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