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  1. I have a CX70 that I want to sell. It is only the pen, no box or cassette. Is anyone still interested in buying one?
  2. The second picture is the inside of the corporate policy manual, the owner's info i guess. the 'selling the atari' is a vhs that looks like it has never been played. The manual binder is empty, the manual itself is not there. Not sure what I will do with it. Probably just keep it unless something is worth a lot / someone is very interested in a piece. I will most likely just hang on to it for cool display pieces.
  3. Well, that's a shame. Still It was only about 100 bucks for all the stuff plus a bunch of nes carts.
  4. As best I can tell, this was originally a salesman's stuff. Store samples and the like.
  5. I found some weird stuff at a yard sale recently. Can't price a lot of it online. Any help as to identifying or pricing any of this stuff would be really awesome!
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