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  1. I'm looking to put a bundle together of a working/reliable NES (front load with new connector or top load) with controllers and zapper, along with a stack of common but enjoyable games. Interested in hearing what you might have. Purchase or possible trade. Ideally looking for something in or around MA to avoid shipping. Please PM, thanks!
  2. I love Klik & Play. I wish I still had every K&P game I made in the mid 90s. Gems. All of them.
  3. Up for sale is our PSP-2000 with games and accessories. We've enjoyed having this, but decided to move on as neither my wife nor I have had much time to spend with it. The system is in very nice condition and was previously owned by another adult member of the NG.com forums. The included Hori silicone case has protected it, though there are some very light surface marks here and there. The games included are pictured (Patapon 2 is already installed) and all are complete and in excellent condition. Also included are an official padded case, a 1GB memory stick, three 4-game UMD cases, and all original packaging. I think I also have a Spiderman UMD movie around that I'll toss in if I can find it. Asking $250 shipped in the US - please PM with questions or interest. Thanks.
  4. Mixed assortment of stuff for sale. Shipping not included in prices listed. Only request is a minimum pre-shipping buy of $10. Please feel free to PM with questions or interest. Thanks! Namco Museum Playstation set, Volumes 1,2,4,5. SOLD R-Type Final and Silpheed PS2 games. Both are complete and play well. A little scuffing on the discs. $10 for the pair. Coleco TV game. The box is a little squashed on the bottom, but I've never taken this out to use it. $10. Sega Master System Great Football sample cart. No red front label, just the text label on the back. $10. Sonic Master System Games. SOLD Megapanel Mega Drive game, $10. Disc-only Saturn bonanza. All working. $12. Gameboy Advance games. Megaman is sealed, International Karate + is loose with manual. $5 each (The rest are SOLD). Pile on Intellivision games. SOLD Double Dragon II with box (no book), $5. Macross Japanese PSX game, $5. Atari Force comics. Issues 1-19, with exceptions of 5, 12, and 15. All are in good readable condition, but not super mint comic-collector quality. $15 for all.
  5. Wife and son are both addicted to Pokemon Diamond and Platinum on the DS, so we're looking for some of the GBA versions to play via DS as well. They're all over eBay and not that expensive, but I'm concerned about getting one with a dead battery from eBay, so I'm coming to more trusted sources. Buy or trade - let me know what you've got and want.
  6. There is no sign of a sale at the location, so I also assume stock will go to the online store.
  7. Spoke to Jamie today at the shop - closing "forever" on Sunday. If they get an investor in the future, then they'll try to reopen, but the outlook is obviously not so good.
  8. Interesting. I wonder if that's legit or a whacky advertising post with no intentions of closing down shop. I don't go there as often as I did when they first opened, but I was in there about a week ago and didn't sense any trouble on the horizon.
  9. Have a look at a few links for lots of pictures and background on the clock: http://www.sandermulder.com/pong_clock.html http://www.pongmuseum.org/history/_transfo...n/pongclock.php Another Youtube video of it in action (not mine):
  10. FS: One of the 400 limited edition Pong Clocks made by Buro Vormkrijgers a few years back. If you're interested, please PM me. Can provide whatever info you need. Clock comes with Euro plug adapter and original operating instructions. A few pictures of it in action:
  11. We'll be giving this one a spin in about a week. I had a Chicago Coin Demolition Derby for a while (essentially the shy twin of Death Race) and it was a LOT of fun with two players.
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