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  1. Sokoban 2021, Night Rescue 1941 , can you convert them to the 5200 too? please.
  2. paid for dragonfly purple + pokeymax + ym2151 + shipping
  3. i think there's a problem with the cable , because twisting it it made a keyboard noise
  4. Cleaned my keyboard and now it does not work , can a somewhat wet mylar make all the keyboard not to respond ?
  5. A few Improvements here and there. It does not make that behavior less questionable.
  6. was refering to Uwol for example, it is free on all platforms but coleco , and not improved from the original FREE game
  7. Not cool profiting selling carts of a free original game if you don't post openly the digital rom first.
  8. just use a text file and this program to make a 5200 compatible manual a52mm.exe
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