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  1. Double Dragon ! Sweet...
  2. any way of running this from myide 2 or side 2 ?
  3. Sorry if it has been discussed but what about the battery of the 2017 model ? is it the same as a 3ds and or any old nokia cellphone ?
  4. will ask him for a file thank you !
  5. Hi Everybody Just Got a Harmony Encore downloaded a pack with original games but Homebrews are outdated everywhere , or scattered file by file anyone with an up to date link to a file with all homebrews up to date ? thanks for your time !
  6. NOW Tempest elite works like a dream on vbxe + ultimate 1mb(pbi turned off)+stereo machines either pal or ntsc
  7. paranoid again... you should double check before making such accusations
  8. similar LOTS Galaga can't be done on stock A8
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