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  1. Aking

    Bowling 5200

    Plaque Attack ? Please
  2. Please print A5200 or something like it upwards the buttons
  3. with support for 2 button games and some kind of 5200 labelling i will take 2 at least
  4. I'll do it on sunday. Thanks
  5. No rush! Last time the 5200 was on the 5200 forum then it moved to this one. Thought maybe this time it may be in the programing sub forum or anywhere else. Take all the time you need. This should be fun for you to do.
  6. Where's the 5200 version?
  7. Aking

    .bin to .a78

    never mind a7800header works like a dream and it's very easy to use
  8. Aking

    .bin to .a78

    If its a regular 48k file wich is the command line order to put in 7800header ? Also to put a name on the header for df to display is it name or [name] ?
  9. Aking

    .bin to .a78

    Hi everyone Have a .bin file i need in .a78 format to play on my dragonfly. Any way to load the file into an emulator and save as .a78 ? Don't know the bankswitching the file is using Thanks in advance!
  10. The game may not add much if you already also have a c64 but it's GREAT to see the vbxe finally getting support.
  11. hi , can you please convert the other games to the 5200 ?
  12. Last squadron . Keystone kapers.screaming wings 2020. River raid. Hero. Gacek vbxe version
  13. Any chance of updating the firmware to support ricky and vicky ? All competing carts are doing it. The rom can be legally got from the steam version
  14. Spider Fighter would be one sweeeeet port....
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