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  1. I sold a flight commander donor for parts to Mark and he's a pleasure to deal with.
  2. Do any AA members have the means to reproduce these? If so, I'd be first in line to buy one.
  3. You are not mistaken. I've never seen one in person, but I have seen a picture and description of it in the manual for the game.
  4. I found this Flight Commander controller with a broken handle on ebay for $18.95 shipped. It had a couple parts I needed to pillage to make mine complete. Now I would like to pass it on to someone else that could either do the same, set it on the shelf, or even play it. I tested it, and the directions and fire button do work. I put batteries in it (which are not included) and the light works, but the buzzer does not. The battery cover is there and battery compartment is clean inside. If anyone wants it you can have it for $10 shipped. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
  5. In the early 1990s, I passed on a loose cart of Star Wars the Arcade Game at a flea market because the vendor would not move down from $5. I have purchased carts I wanted as a kid, only to never play them. I ruined a picture label of Hangman trying to clean it with rubbing alcohol. Forgive me, for I knew not I was doing.
  6. JamesL


    Try games like Adventure and Berzerk where you move through a field in all directions.
  7. JamesL


    I'm probably the one who sold it to you. It's always great to meet a fellow AtariAge member!
  8. For the first time since I've been attending CCAG, the Atari 2600 is getting some tournament love! Kaboom! is a perfect tournament game IMO. But it's going to be with the small buckets. I really wish I hadn't been using the large buckets my whole life. Oh well, only 4 more days to practice. Anyone else going and playing Kaboom!?
  9. The new chip arrived today, and it works perfectly now! Thanks so much for your help!
  10. OK, I swapped the TIA from my parts board, and got no picture at all, so that TIA is bad. So I put the TIA from my system on my parts board. It works better-I get limited paddle movement, meaning that the character (buckets in Kaboom) will instantly move from one end of the screen to the other without fluid scrolling, and the buttons still respond. Could it still be the TIA? Or do both boards have something else wrong? I'm sorry; I'm very new to fixing these. UPDATE: I pulled all 3 chips and sprayed the contacts with contact cleaner, and it went back to buttons only working, no movement at all, on both boards. I'll get a TIA from Best and update the results.
  11. I have a parts board so I can try that one. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone. I got an untested Atari 2600 4 switch woodgrain system on Craigslist. Joystick games play fine, but the system doesn't seem to read paddle controllers' movements. The paddles' buttons do work, as I was able to start Kaboom!, but get no movement at all. They work on my other 2600, so they're not the issue. Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  13. Bump. Still in need of the overlay.
  14. I need an overlay for the Star Raiders controller. If anyone has an extra one to send to me I'll send an Intellivision catalog in return. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  15. Ha! I see that listing all the time! I'm seriously beginning to think it's a joke at this point.
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