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  1. Xbox 360 blows chunks.Bill gates ownes you.
  2. Due to some hideous medical bills I'm selling lots of My game collection.I already sold the Jaguar lot .If anyones interested My Xbox lot is on Ebay .57 games and a boxed console with DVD remote.. http://cgi.ebay.com/XBOX-with-57-games-DVD...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=8262063131 My Collection up for auction.thanks
  4. Ok.The top Offer is $550.00 Plus shipping.Considering Aircars just sold on e-bay for $200.00 on it's own it's not a bad deal.The whole lot is going on E-bay next week .
  5. If you want to play games Go for a 500+ or a 1200,I'd say go for a 600 but they are scarce in the USA.The 1200 will play early amiga games with a kickstart disk.You should be able to pick up an Amiga 500 or 500+ for $40.00 or less an Amiga 1200 will set you back at least $100.00.Most of the ones you see on E-bay are in the UK and are very cheap and easy to find there for very little money.Don't get a CD32 and hope that the upgrade modules like The SX32 are anywhere near as good as actually buying an Amiga 1200 computer.All those modules are garbage and have terrible problems with ram failure and sytem crashes and are way to much to buy.
  6. Nemesis


    The Utopia boot disk doesn't work with all Japanese games If it doesn't work with your mod chip chances are Utopia won't do it either .I have a few games that i can't use.
  7. What wanted forum ?.I looked everywhere and could not find a wanted forum so i thought classic gaming forum would fit.
  8. The video is blown on my Board .I need a NTSC Amiga 500 or 500+ motherboard .PM wih any prices thanks
  9. Yeah it's homemade it's in a Genesis box.It's in the list as replacement case/printed cover.
  10. A Radofin with about 8 cartridges that were about the size of 8 Track tapes.It always worked and the picture was excellent .
  11. Mine is the same and i live in the USA .I've never had sound on my 5200 and the picture is terrible and i've tried everything but set fire to it.
  12. pictures soon,I'm having problems.
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