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  1. also, does the rf shield affect the functionality of the system? like of i put it back on wrong, or left it off completely , would the atari mess up?
  2. ok, since i cant edit the main topic. here are all the symptoms my atari is experiencing When game is inserted: screen is solid black on channel 2 setting screen is fuzzy-black on channel 3 setting title screen flashes if system is turned on after a while of being plugged in This happens with all my games without game inserted: random patterns and tones such as red/orange stripes blue stripes rolling diagonal lines
  3. well, the atari case is like-new. so if nothin else, i got bragging rights above all my friends with a nice decoration. and like i said, i'm pretty sure it just needs a replacement part, it flashes the title screen
  4. too late for that, and when i put the game in and turn it on, it'll give a solid black screen. if i leave it off for a long time, and turn it on, the title screen will flash for 1 frame.
  5. UPDATE: its not the voltage regulator, as it's giving out 9.02 and 5.03 how do i check the capacitor? since the only time it flashes the title, is when the system sits for a bit. i'm fairly confident that's the issue and side question, there was a peice of paper taped below the cart-slot with: 17.2.10 written on it. does that mean anything?
  6. yea, i got a multi-meter, but no idea what to check for
  7. update, the power cord is 9v, 1A
  8. not by itself. you need an "rca female" to "coaxial male" adapter. only like $6 at radio shack
  9. its a 3rd party cord, but indeed a 9v supply. and so far pitfall and ms.pacman flash title screens every once and a while, and space invaders, pacman,breakout, super breakout do nothing. and space jocky makes the screen roll...but it is a weird sears/2600 cart
  10. It's a replacement power-cord. and i am using an RF to Coaxial adapter, not a box
  11. i got an atari 2600 recently at a thrift-store, then got a replacement cord. i cleaned the contacts repeatedly, and all i get is a black-screen when a game is inserted. sometimes a flash of the title screen, and without a game i get random stripes, sometimes buzzes, and sometimes black-screen. what do i do? its the wood-front model
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