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  1. I’m looking for an ST F/FM/STE keyboard, DSDD FDD and upper case. The case doesn’t have to be in particular good condition. The k/b and FDD need to function correctly. US location preferred. Thanks! EDIT. Opps wrong place. Please delete or move to correct sub forum
  2. Due to popular demand, the lost images have been located and uploaded to the thread. 👍
  3. wyerd


  4. Wow! Now if it could do 50hz that would be really awesome, but I suspect not.
  5. Neat! Ive been using a batch file to create the object, so I can just add this bit at the end. I love it!!
  6. Does anyone have the hex codes for the normal and large character sets as featured in the GROMs that they can post, or point me in the direction of where I can find them? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the response guys. I appreciate it. It looks like the issue I'm having is with my setup. I'm running the XDT99 tool to create the object code and Classic99 with the XB27 cart. When I enter the E/A 3 filename, it prompts again for the filename. If I hit enter, it prompts for the program name, enter START and the @ sign zooms across the screen. I used TIImage tool to create the disk image and I'm running Windows 10 .
  8. I've been reading all the books I can find on Assembly Language, one of them being Computes which is really for the Mini Memory cart. So I'm having a go converting to E/A and failing miserably! For example, there's some code that moves the @ symbol across the screen and repeats, but the code fails to run. DEF START REF VSBW * START LIMI 0 LWPI >8300 L1 CLR R0 L2 LI R1,>4000 BLWP @VSBW LI R1,>2000 BLWP @VSBW INC R0 CI R0,31 JNE L2 JMP L1 END I think it has something to do with R0, maybe... Any ideas on the problem? Thanks!
  9. ......the ability to understand and program in Assembly Language!
  10. wyerd


    Does anyone have the latest TI99DIR they can upload as I'm unable to access Fred's website? I'm working tomorrow and I'd like to do some TI stuff during my break! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. OK, I see what's happening here, but these line of code are saving the default character set and also the copyright symbol. Is the copyright symbol part of the ROM, because I've never seen it defined in Basic or XB? I suppose it must be somewhere. Why is it reading the VDP RAM to save these characters? Does the VDP RAM get loaded from the ROM on startup? I've only just started to learn assembly over the last few days and I thought ripping this code apart was the best way to do it! BL @RDVCL SAVE SMALL CHAR SET - JEDI - DATA >900,512,CHAR BL @WRTVCL CLEAR SCREEN DATA >FF8,8,ZEROES BL @CLRSCR BL @RDVCL SAVE COPY RIGHT SYMBOL DATA >850,8,COPYRT
  12. Sorry, I still can't figure out where the 3 character sets are being created. The invaders for instance have their pattern generator sets from page to around page 11.
  13. Thanks Rasmus, just what I was looking for. Question. How are the TITLES characters on page 4 being defined as they are all greater than >D0?
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