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  1. I've been developing a skateboarding game for Atari 2600 with the help of bB. I've got it to a point where its playable and thought I'd share it with the community! I plan to add more stages, more tricks, title screen, menu, a two player mode and instructions on how to do each trick without an instruction manual. Instructions: Your character will automatically skate to the right and you can control what tricks he does with the joystick controller. Tricks: Kickflip: UP then RIGHT Heelflip: UP then LEFT Shuv-it: LEFT Shuv-it 360: RIGHT Flip: DOWN To land a trick you must be in air. If you hit the ground while the board is flipping you will crash. To jump (or ollie) hit the button and you will jump. I'll explain the logic behind the controls if it seems weird. The button is your back foot, so when you press it, you are pushing down the tail of your skateboard. The joystick is your front foot. For example when you do a kickflip on a skateboard you slide your front foot up the board and to the left to giving it the spin to flip. In game, you would press the button then move the joystick UP then RIGHT. Comments and criticism welcome! If you have any problems let me know. The .bin has been tested on Stella for Mac OS X 10.7.5 and Ubuntu 12.04 skateboarder.bin
  2. I am a new member and an avid programmer. I noticed the "Have you played Atari today?" button realized it wasn't taking full advantage of javascript. I'm not sure who host / maintains the website but I do have a suggestion for them. You could use javascript to play the Atari jingle in the current page. Heres how I'd do it: This script will make a sound object that can be played. <script> var sound = new Audio("http://atariage.com/audio/atarijingle.wav"); </script> Then in the webpage replace the href location "atariage.com/audio/atarijingle.wav" with "javascript:sound.play()". That will play the sound object created by the script above. ... <a href="javascript:sound.play()" class="masttext">Have You Played Atari Today?</a> ... Happy coding! -Alex
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