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  1. Hello, I am looking for an IBM PC 5160 or another computer of the same design/ spec in that series. if you have on lying around let me know and PM me a picture and a price. I can also do a trade if you are looking for something in return. Kind regards,
  2. Hi Does anyone else have any other suggestions? I tried the website marktplaats but no one replied to any of my emails?? Thanks
  3. Yes it is exactly the same scenario for me. I would like to own the game to complete my Zelda CD-I collection. Does this website work somewhat like ebay? Thanks
  4. Hi I am looking for Zelda's adventure for the CD-I. If anyone has one that they are willing to sell please pm me! Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Thanks for all the help. Yeh sorry I posted this in the wrong section. I managed to get it to work apparently you have to burn the .cue files to a disc as this contain information that is later extracted from the .bin file?? Or something along those lines. I assume this is the same for the sega dreamcast and panasonic 3do as I watched a YouTube video and they were the same files. Thanks anyway. If anyone needs a walk through id be happy to say how I did it using discjuggler..
  6. OK first thing I was doing wrong is burning to CDRW's. My CD- I doesn't skip media or audio it works perfectly and loads original discs up very fast as well as working well with audio CD's (it knows what type of disc you have put in immediately) I was using disc juggler and express burn for mac. Which files should I burn to CDR's? some people say you should burn the .cue files and some say the .iso files??? Thanks for the guide Seob if it was for me but I have tried to follow this guide and I just get lost I am also not a techy person.
  7. Hi I have tried many times to burn philips CD- I disc images to CD's with no luck at all. 1)Could anyone give a detailed guide on how to do this? 2)Which files need to be burnt to a CD for it to run? 3)Can you use CDRW or do they have to be CDR 4)What software is required? Sorry for the long list of questions. Many people say that you can just use disc juggler to burn the bin and cue files to the cd which didn't work for me. I also tried extracting raw bin and iso files to burn them to a cd and this didn't work either. If anyone has any knowledge on this subject I would be grateful if you could help me out. Thank you
  8. Hi Does anyone here have any knowledge on burning cdi games to cd's? I have tried many times with no luck using discjuggler. Could someone also tell me which files need to be burnt to a cd? Thanks
  9. Hi Ive tried this as well with no luck at all. Does anyone know which files need to be burnt to a CD so that the CD-I can read it? Thanks
  10. Hi Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the atari jaguar cd manual or one to download. Thanks
  11. Where do you find replacement chips for the colecovision and ADAM?
  12. He doesn't have any at the moment as I have already messaged him. But thanks anyway
  13. Hi all, Looking for a Coleco ADAM in good condition. Thanks
  14. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-PIN-DIN-PLUG-TO-TWO-PHONO-PLUG-CABLE-1-5M-/161318350315?pt=UK_Computing_Sound_Vision_Audio_Cables_Adapters&hash=item258f52adeb NIAD do you think a 7 pin DIN to phono connector will work? It claims to output mono audio and video. Sorry to bother you again. The link for ebay page is above if it worked.
  15. Ok great thanks, last question (sorry) which pins in the DiN connector need to be wired for this cable to work? And will a cable with pins 3 + 5 wired work?
  16. Will one work that has a 5 pin DIN connected to a scart lead? It is difficult for me to find the cable you suggested as I live in the UK and I can't seem to find one.
  17. NIAD, I read your other post about this cable and I am confused about which colour phono cables I need. Do you think one with a yellow, red, white and black cable would work? Thanks
  18. Ok great thanks, can you use RCA cables of any colour to connect to a monitor so for instance red and white rather than red and yellow?
  19. How do you connect the ADAM to a monitor?
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