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  1. A lot of "historical" modern articles state the 7800 flopped on release, which amkes no sense because the 7800 did turn a profit. Anyone have any link for first year or launch sales compared to the NES and SMS which release same year?
  2. Looking at the Specs, the Colecovision and the NES are not too far off, and the Coleco has a few advantages like Processor speed. So how close are they? There are a lot of games that the MSX has that are quite impressive, and at the same time, they should easily show what the Colecovision is able to do, although I believe the colecovision can scroll and have more polished graphics. It may have been possible if not for Adma and CBK that Colecovision could have pushed the NES away from market dominance and would have had computer, MSX, and NES ports which a lot I can see running real well on Coleco especially arcade conversions. What do you think?
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