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  1. For 2008 My predictions Are The Wii While it will still have the lead by the end of the year Sales will Slide a bit, but will have the best first party games this year. The DS will still sell like gangbusters everywhere. The 360 will not have a Sales Surge this year in the US, but it will have sold the Most Units in 08. Microsoft will also have its Fortunes in Japan turn arround with Lost Odyssey and continuing rumors of MGS4 and a FF13 Spin-off coming to the 360. The PS3 even though it will be a distant third here it will Hold its own and will do better in Japan. The PSP will continue to grow in momentum with better sales and more good games for that platform. PC's and Mac's will reach the top of its Performance in Processing and in Graphics and a Continuing drop in Game Sales will continue the PC Decline in a Gaming sense. We still don't care about Mobile Phone(or iPod or Zune) Games. EA and Activision will both buy another Big Developer/Publisher. Jeff Gerstmann will show up at another game Publication/Website. Madden 09 will Show up on 360,PS3,Wii,PS2,DS,PSP,XBOX,GC,PC,MAC,GBA,Mobile Phones and once again on PS1. There will be a general boycott of GameStop/EB Games and I won't take part in it. A game will be on an Amiga in 2008. The UT3 Comunity will explode into a sea of user Content. The Wii Shortage will end very soon. 2600 and Intelivision games will be released on the Wii VC this Year. ATARI WILL NOT FOLD THIS YEAR AFTER THE RELEASE OF GREAT RPGS AND XBLA GAMES. WOW Will still be uber popular. The SciFi MMO equivilent of WOW will be released, and that game will NOT be Developed by Blizzard. Duke Nukem Forever WILL be released in 2008 to generally good reviews but Lackluster Sales will make the Game go to consoles in 2009. of the 3 online game services WiiWare will have the Better games even though XBLA and PSN will have great games. Finally the 3 Console makers will hint at their next consoles and Handhelds at E3 This year
  2. Before they can do that they have to make money any they are getting money from only 3 main consumer groups Classic Gamers, DBZ Fans and D&D Fans I beleve a mony can be made by making NEW addictive games (NOT remaking Classic Games) that are easy to Learn and Difficult to master and sell them for $15 While still makeing games for the 3 groups I mentoned.
  3. My First Attempt at Logo Making BTW I Think this game can be possible.
  4. Uh yes because they are from Microsoft, that does make them the Worst Consoles Ever. Do you even have any idea what you're talking about? Download the emulator and tell me the Studio II isn't the worst game system ever. Why exactly don't you like the Xbox and Xbox 360, anyways? Is it because they're from a company who single handedly took over the software market and forced people to buy expensive, shoddily built crap? Look, can we just end this argument to keep from getting into a flame war? Well I am Sorry for bashing good consoles because I hate the company that makes them, but I do Hate Microsoft and I will not let that fact cloud my judgement of Games, Systems, programs and OS'es they make. As for the RCA Studio II It is bad, but has a certain charm that will most likely make you want to come back just to see how bad it is.
  5. Uh yes because they are from Microsoft, that does make them the Worst Consoles Ever.
  6. You seem to be confused. The Gamepark machines are actually quite good. Sure they're not Gameboys or DSs, but they're pretty solid. I mean, unless I'm missing something here. The only other thing I can think of that would fit that description is the Xbox line, and only a total moron would claim they're worse than the Studio 2. You seem reasonably intelligent, so I can't see you thinking that. That is, unless the constant agonizing pain from coughing them up has somehow soured your opinion. Well No one would unless hate the Company that makes the Xbox Line as a Whole.
  7. That's crazy; you cough up xbox machines. You're like one of those miracle people who cries glass. On another note, what are the two systems worse than the Studio 2? Sorry If I do that then people will call me a Hater, But I can give you some Clues. 1.the 2 consoles Are from the Same Company 2.Their the Only 2 Consoles they ever Made 3.one of them in a Curent Gen Console.
  8. I can Name 2 Consoles Worst than RCA Studio II [Cough]XBOX and XBOX 360[/Cough]
  9. No. You want to know what Really killed the Home Computer market? Two words: Bill and Gates He IS the grassy knoll!
  10. http://www.gamespot.com/news/6170301.html A Gamespot mention for Adventure II in the their Shippin' Out Segment.
  11. Ok now that we have revealed thats is was an April Fool's Joke Please Finnsh Up this game so its at Least Playable. Please. PLEASE PLEASE
  12. The PS3 Claiming it Has 4D Graphics and can run at 120 Frames Per Second
  13. I got a Question Has ther been any Piracy of any of the Homebrew Games (Vault Assult, Climber 5, etc.) in Brazil Yet.
  14. I think you are talking about PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient
  15. So CPUWIZ Did You pay for your Dev Kit or did it arrive out of the blue because there is a rumor going about that Nintendo is giving away Dev Kits. Link to Rumor
  16. Atari Needs to Stop Makeing games about. Taking down the system Becoming the One Become the Greateest Street Racer Or any other Plot Line Imaginable All Atari Games Should Be about Playing For a High Score.
  17. I can describe each console in one word For the Revolution Funny For the PlayStation 3 Gangsta For the Xbox 360 EVIL
  18. The Barney Hide and Seek game for the Gennsis WORST CONSOLE GAME EVER The 2 Barney Games for the PC WORST COMPUTER GAMES EVER Other bad Games NES Dragon's Lair Big Rigs for the PC Mythcon 2600 Games Back to the Future 2/3 NES All Games Published by Microsoft All XBOX Console Exclusives The Swordquest games Many others
  19. 11. Titus 13. Maxis 16. Activision 18. Firebird 3. Epic MegaGames 1. Desitnation Software Inc.
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