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  1. No, you're sending it to me because you know It will cost me more money to send it to another person to get modded. Like I said, all out of spite. It was your choice to not do the mod and send it back, not my request... and I paid for the shipping, and now you won't even honor my request to have it shipped elsewhere. It's funny because although I've wasted money with you, this little incident is a blessing in disguise... it shows me and many others your true colors, AND it shows that you getting revenge is more important than actually getting a customers console modded in a timely manor. Now I know why my console sat with you for over a month and never got worked on... 3 weeks turnaround time my ass.
  2. What James doesn't take into account, because he relies solely on intuition and his apparent Sherlock Holmes complex, is that I have made posts on other forums/venues and talked to people in person about my experience dealing with Ruggers, asking around if anyone else has ever had any issues with his company, issues with communication, etc. and I've gone into detail about the turnaround times that I was told... and that it's quite possible that some lunatic who read my posts on other forums remembered and parroted my gripes almost verbatim, to what end I don't know. Was the guy someone I know in my area? Was he just being a troll, or was he genuinely empathetic on my behalf? I don't know. What I do know is I'm not on Facebook, haven't been on Facebook in almost 10 years. James wouldn't hear any of it and continues to insist that it was me. Now, I've been on AtariAge now for quite a few years, and I haven't had a single problem with anyone here, yet... I'm not in the habit of trying to piss off the person who is essentially holding my merchandise... I don't bite the hand that feeds when they are holding my property. I don't spend $50 on shipping to send my console to be modded, and then act like an asshole to the man who I am trusting to take good care of my merchandise. I don't blame James for thinking it was me that trolled him based on the info he has shared, but ultimately... he decided to NOT mod my system and make false accusations based on a HUNCH, and with no real evidence. Then forces me to pay return shipping to boot. I even asked him to send the package to an alternate address to avoid it coming to me, then having to pay more shipping to have it go someplace else to get modded, he never replied to my email and now he's saying, "User 7800's console will be shipped back to the original address that the console was shipped from" (refer to post #601) Now, looking at this Facebook post, It would seem the guy asked a simple question, perhaps was a bit of a wise ass about it, but James' reply came off a little hostile too. Basically coming across as, "Oh, you don't like waiting? Okay, no mod for you". So I can see why the mystery FB user would come back at him the way he did. I'm seeing a pattern here of sheer "spitefulness". First, he takes a FB post (that wasn't even from me) personal, then he doxxes me on here. Then he apparently refuses to ship it back to the address requested... out of spite. This whole thing could have been avoided if he ignored trolls, rather then spend time trying to seek them out, finding out if they were an actual customer... when that time could have been used to mod a Colecovision.
  3. Well, I'm sorry to say that I wouldn't recommend Ruggers Customs (James Dunavant) for any Colecovision mods. This guy had the audacity to accuse me of trolling him on Facebook, and I'm not even on Facebook. Then he asks for my PayPal so he can bill me to ship the console back to me. James sent me a screen shot of the FB conversation. Apparently some guy with the same first name as me made a remark about his bullshit turnaround estimates. He replied to the guy with a passive/aggressive offer to send back the console if he/she didn't like the wait or the lack of communication or turnaround updates. The mystery FB user replied with derogatory comments. So of course I get an email from James, asking me if I'm such and such person on Facebook. Then he writes, "Don't insult my intelligence, I know it's you. Don't ever contact me again." Meanwhile I have no idea if he's sending back my console because I haven't received an invoice from PayPal yet. AND because he's butt hurt from a FB post that he thinks came from me, I fear he will just throw it in a box with no packing and send it off out of spite... so it arrives damaged. Moral of the story is, clearly James makes knee jerk reactions, makes accusations without having any proof. Also worth noting that I sent him my console over a month ago, and he still hasn't started working on it. So, I can actually understand why a guy on FB would make a comment about his lack of communication and BS turnaround times.
  4. It's been a few days, haven't heard back from MakerMatrix. Would you happen to know if another batch of these controllers is in the works?
  5. That's interesting. My CV is currently making a static noise when it's turned on. Picture and sound is fine... just getting extra static. I was thinking it might be the power supply... I'll check out Ruggers... thanks guys.
  6. Anyone know of any reputable people on here that are currently offering complete Colecovision mods and services? I just want to get a recap, a/v mod, and power switch replacement/repair.
  7. Okay, I sent him a message...
  8. Anyone know if these controllers will eventually be back in stock in the near future??
  9. How long did it take for you to get all the stuff. I joined the club on 2/28/21.
  10. Sorry, I had to edit my last post to two questions... what are the possibilities of having the SGM or SGM2 support Sg-1000 roms?
  11. Oh, two more stupid questions... Will I be able to use the Atarimax Ultimate SD cart (with SGM roms) with the SGM? Any chance you can make SG-1000 roms work with the SGM or SGM2?
  12. The club seems cool with all the exclusive content a club member gets... but just to make sure I understand... Will joining the club give me first dibs on all new products to be released? My ultimate goal is to make sure I don't miss out on getting the SGM2, controllers, etc. Also, is the original SGM still available to purchase now, or all those sold out. I'm having trouble finding working links to official sites where I can purchase games, etc. Could you provide some links for me to go to so I can browse the products that may or may not be available to purchase. Thank you for your patience.
  13. Sorry if this is a dumb question but... As either an early adopter or innovator subscriber, am I basically being put on the list to be able to buy a SGM2?? In other words, Is this sort of like a pre-order list where I get "dibs"... to not only support the development, but also locks me in to "own" one?? And what of all the other items like the new controller, etc. How can I be "locked in" to make sure I will be able to buy all this stuff??
  14. I have a Mega SG and I'm very impressed with the unit. Last I checked, Analogue is sold out of... just about everything. lol.
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