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  1. It's been a few days, haven't heard back from MakerMatrix. Would you happen to know if another batch of these controllers is in the works?
  2. That's interesting. My CV is currently making a static noise when it's turned on. Picture and sound is fine... just getting extra static. I was thinking it might be the power supply... I'll check out Ruggers... thanks guys.
  3. Anyone know of any reputable people on here that are currently offering complete Colecovision mods and services? I just want to get a recap, a/v mod, and power switch replacement/repair.
  4. Okay, I sent him a message...
  5. Anyone know if these controllers will eventually be back in stock in the near future??
  6. How long did it take for you to get all the stuff. I joined the club on 2/28/21.
  7. Sorry, I had to edit my last post to two questions... what are the possibilities of having the SGM or SGM2 support Sg-1000 roms?
  8. Oh, two more stupid questions... Will I be able to use the Atarimax Ultimate SD cart (with SGM roms) with the SGM? Any chance you can make SG-1000 roms work with the SGM or SGM2?
  9. The club seems cool with all the exclusive content a club member gets... but just to make sure I understand... Will joining the club give me first dibs on all new products to be released? My ultimate goal is to make sure I don't miss out on getting the SGM2, controllers, etc. Also, is the original SGM still available to purchase now, or all those sold out. I'm having trouble finding working links to official sites where I can purchase games, etc. Could you provide some links for me to go to so I can browse the products that may or may not be available to purchase. Thank you for your patience.
  10. Sorry if this is a dumb question but... As either an early adopter or innovator subscriber, am I basically being put on the list to be able to buy a SGM2?? In other words, Is this sort of like a pre-order list where I get "dibs"... to not only support the development, but also locks me in to "own" one?? And what of all the other items like the new controller, etc. How can I be "locked in" to make sure I will be able to buy all this stuff??
  11. I have a Mega SG and I'm very impressed with the unit. Last I checked, Analogue is sold out of... just about everything. lol.
  12. I wouldn't mind if all the SG-1000 games were ported to the Colecovison... and in English where applicable.
  13. So, I ordered a powered HDMI to VGA adapter... hooked it into my setup... and played a handful of games at length... and everything seems to be working fine. No video dropout. Thanks to everyone for your input.
  14. Well, I guess I could hook up my Super Grafx or SMS up to it... see what happens. I was thinking maybe a mini USB powered HDMI to VGA adapter might work because it's powered... rather than the one I have now that isn't powered.
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