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  1. Hey guys! I have a Model 1 Intellivision and when I turn it on, it shows a black screen with nothing on it whether or not there is a cartridge inserted. What has happened to my Intellivision and is there any way to fix it? Or do I have to go buy a new one? I have a lot of games for it and would like to be able to play them again. Any help is much appreciated. Chris
  2. Hey guys! I got a good deal on a Jag, but it only has the console. I want to know what power supply I could use because it seems to be a pretty standard plug for power. My only worries are A/V and finding a controller. If you guys have any advice for me I'd be much obliged, and if any of you could send me or sell me (for a reasonable price of course) a A/V cable, controller, or both I'd be very grateful. Thanks! Chris
  3. Hey Guys. I really would like to buy a PC Engine console because it is the one 16-bit console I have never been able to play or even LOOK at, and I have always been interested in it, and I have always heard the PC Engine is cheaper and has more games than the TurboGrafx-16. The other thing is that I would like a Commodore Model 1541 floppy disk drive because the NTSC Commodore 64 is pretty much useless when it doesnt have one, and Colecovision is a must for me as a collector to complete my goal for 2nd Generation video game consoles. So if you guys have anything for sale at a reasonable price, please reply here!!
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