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  1. According to the developer update on that bug report it looks like it's intentional and they won't be fixing it. It seems like "Open with... Other" will do basically the same thing? I'm unclear as it whether it still remembers the setting per file or only by filename or ext. If it's the latter then that's a drag, as lots of files with the same name or extension need to open in different editors.
  2. Has anyone heard anything from JAC recently? It's been a while and with covid going around it's a bit worrying...
  3. I applied for an account on Feb 12, still no confirmation email. Can someone help? @www.atarimania.com
  4. Yes I'm sure. There's only one 1200XL rom in the ROM detection source code and it's the 10 variant
  5. Phaeron, could you add the 1200XL rev. 11 OS ROM to the firmware detection list? CRC32 is 1A1D7B1B. Thanks!
  6. I did some further research on the "Open with..." issue detailed in the previous post and can confirm it only occurs with Eclipse 2020-12. I tried both 2020-06 and 2020-09 and they both work correctly. So now I guess the question is does WUDSN need an update to support 2020-12 or is it a 2020-12 bug that needs to be fixed upstream?
  7. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a bug in 1.7.1. The "Open with..." option to select the editor you want to use isn't remembering its settings. For example, if I select a file that defaults to the MADS editor and "Open with" the plain text editor, it will correctly use the plain text editor. But if I close the file and double-click it to open it again it opens in the MADS editor. It used to remember the last "Open with" value and use it again when double-clicking a file.
  8. Yes, I was just sharing that for people who want to use the latest version of Eclipse. 2020-06 will be the last version of Eclipse that supports Java 8. If you want to upgrade to 2020-09 or later you have to upgrade Java too. So far I haven't seen any incompatibility with WUDSN 1.7.1/Eclipse 2020-09/Java 14, though I haven't extensively tested, just tried compiling/running a few things I have around. Is there anything specific you're concerned won't work?
  9. I was able to get WUDSN working with 2020-09 by upgrading Java to version 14 (I used the OpenJDK version). I believe it will work with Java 11 too, but 2020-09 definitely doesn't support Java 8 any more
  10. Thanks very much for the new release! I'm wondering why the OS ROM images aren't included anymore. I've been saving my copies of them separately so I don't accidentally lose them when I get the new releases, specifically these files: OS ROM 65XE (1984)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 400-800 NTSC (1979)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 400-800 NTSC (1981)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 400-800 PAL (1979)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 600XL (1983)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 800XE (1985)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 1200XL (1982)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM XEGS (1987)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM XL-XE (1983)(Atari)(US).zip
  11. Thanks JAC, that makes perfect sense. I found the wiki page, for some reason I missed it before... https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=PAC-MAN
  12. Github is an online code repository that most people use these days. JAC is the guy that released the code and did the MADS translation (see the post 3 up from here).
  13. Maybe put these on Github JAC? For preservation and easy forking?
  14. I'll always prefer a torrent for a project like this because it means I only download the delta from one version to the next, rather than the whole thing every time. I'm also seeding away, although because it's a trackerless torrent it's hard to tell how many people are actually seeding.
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