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  1. Yes, I was just sharing that for people who want to use the latest version of Eclipse. 2020-06 will be the last version of Eclipse that supports Java 8. If you want to upgrade to 2020-09 or later you have to upgrade Java too. So far I haven't seen any incompatibility with WUDSN 1.7.1/Eclipse 2020-09/Java 14, though I haven't extensively tested, just tried compiling/running a few things I have around. Is there anything specific you're concerned won't work?
  2. I was able to get WUDSN working with 2020-09 by upgrading Java to version 14 (I used the OpenJDK version). I believe it will work with Java 11 too, but 2020-09 definitely doesn't support Java 8 any more
  3. Thanks very much for the new release! I'm wondering why the OS ROM images aren't included anymore. I've been saving my copies of them separately so I don't accidentally lose them when I get the new releases, specifically these files: OS ROM 65XE (1984)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 400-800 NTSC (1979)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 400-800 NTSC (1981)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 400-800 PAL (1979)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 600XL (1983)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 800XE (1985)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM 1200XL (1982)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM XEGS (1987)(Atari)(US).zip OS ROM XL-XE (1983)(Atari)(US).zip
  4. Thanks JAC, that makes perfect sense. I found the wiki page, for some reason I missed it before... https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=PAC-MAN
  5. Github is an online code repository that most people use these days. JAC is the guy that released the code and did the MADS translation (see the post 3 up from here).
  6. Maybe put these on Github JAC? For preservation and easy forking?
  7. I'll always prefer a torrent for a project like this because it means I only download the delta from one version to the next, rather than the whole thing every time. I'm also seeding away, although because it's a trackerless torrent it's hard to tell how many people are actually seeding.
  8. Every modern software has security flaws that need to be patched. Not a problem if you use the right program (not uTorrent) and keep it up to date.
  9. Why are people so afraid of torrents? It's easily the best way to distribute archives of software like this, as the MAME, TOSEC, etc etc guys have all proved over time. The only suggestion I'd make is when you post a new torrent link post the DAT file separately as well. That would allow us to use the DAT to do any renames before even joining the torrent, and hence join with a higher completion ratio.
  10. It's not a zip of zips. The games themselves are zipped but the overall torrent isn't.
  11. Benchmarking it does indeed show <> is slightly faster than NOT. Makes sense as it's 1 operation vs 2. Thanks all!
  12. This file looks to be named incorrectly: Hi-Res Adventure #4 - Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (1982)(SierraVenture)(US)[a SierraVenture][disk].zip My guess is maybe it's supposed to be: Hi-Res Adventure #4 - Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (1982)(SierraVenture)(US)[a][disk].zip
  13. Is there any difference (speed, memory efficiency, etc.) between the NOT keyword vs <> operators? 10 IF NOT A=10 THEN something vs 10 IF A<>10 THEN something
  14. Okay, to clarify I was referring to the two different OS-B NTSC ROMs that Altirra detects with CRC checks (hence "supports"). There are 30 or so such supported firmwares. phaeron, a small number of those ROMs are referred to as "Specific" firmware... what does that mean exactly?
  15. Funny that phaeron knew exactly what I was referring to... 🙄 Why reply with a snide, unhelpful comment if you don't understand the question? Anyway, thanks phaeron for the accurate and complete answer!
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