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  1. That's super interesting (to me, which if I could get to the root of this, it might save me a lot of $$). Thanks for the info! The box appears to be a 0910, but it's unopened so not 100% sure. . .
  2. Hey All, I bought an HK, KBC referenced Checkers recently - it appeared to be an opportunity to upgrade the one in our collection. When it arrived, I discovered a slight variation to the bottom-flap text: Our existing copy (Sticker indicating Overlays & Catalog printed in the USA😞 Our new copy (No sticker, only Overlays printed in the USA): My guess would be that these copies are the same, and that the sticker was placed on subsequent copies is a correction? But I have no idea, really. . .
  3. So. . . in an effort to satisfy my curiosity, I bought the following opened 1118-0910-G1 imposter, which has the same variation to text of the third line of the bottom flap as the unopened one I shared a couple weeks ago: Impossible to know if the cart, booklet and overlays are all from this box, but here are those items: More Pics: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWdHqwh Incidentally, I bought this from a seller in Canada. . .
  4. Is it safe to assume that an empty cell in the "Acquired" column = you're likely still after the indicated game / box / cart / manual / etc.?
  5. I take full responsibility for this wayward discussion. . . I was too liberal with my use of “G1-style” as a description, which was meant to denote a box without a reference to the KBC. But clearly there were a ton of 0910 titles released that never referenced the KBC, so this was a poor description. My bad! 😬😬😬
  6. Some impressively deep knowledge, thanks!
  7. No part #’s on either top flap. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “-G1” style box with PN on top.
  8. Here are a couple more 125’s that aren’t listed on Funhouse, though I’m guessing they’re just oversights: PGA Golf - USA-made “G1” style box: USCF Chess - HK “G1” style box: Also, we have two HK “G1” style NBA Basketball’s - one with a bottom flap sticker, and one without (not sure if that really constitutes a “variant” of not, but here goes: Sticker: No bottom flap sticker (rough):
  9. For sure! Here you go: The other thing about retrogames.co.uk is that their pics are really low-res, so I find it difficult to assess the condition of each game. When this game arrived, and when the Melody Blaster arrived, they both had small splits in the shrink - both on the upper right-hand corner of the front of the boxes. It's possible that this occurred in transit, but it's hard to know. . .
  10. I’ve only ordered from them twice, and both times I walked away happy, essentially. I think I paid $30 for that Backgammon, $60 for a sealed 0810 Golf in pretty good shape, and $150 for a sealed Melody Blaster (tall box). There are definitely some overpriced Intellivision items in their store, but they sell games from so many different systems that I’ll bet it’s hard to know exactly where to price all that stuff. . . I love buying stuff from the UK though - it gets here so fast!
  11. Awesome, thanks! Incidentally, I bought the copy that simply says "TM Designate" on the third line (the one without the Odd Lots price tag) from Retrogames.co.uk. . .
  12. I ran into two G1-style APBA Backgammons with slightly different text on the bottom flap. Are these both likely to be 0910-G1?
  13. We have an HK copy that I’ve always assumed is an 0910:
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