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  1. Thanks for this. I messaged through your website.
  2. Copies would be great to have! Are you going to Ebay the lot or sell here on AA? Consider me interested.
  3. Collection starts on page 29 and then goes on a while... https://www.flickr.com/photos/13839114@N00/page29
  4. I would be interested in one if you choose to sell...
  5. From Houston...it could have been from Spring? More software just showed up in Texas too...
  6. Not sure. I am guessing more PlayCables than KC's. I don't have a PlayCable...maybe CMart will trade me one for my second set of Tapes. :-)
  7. Just let me know the serial number...if it matches...we'll talk. I won't give it back but we'll talk.
  8. My goal is to have it working...I won't know until I get home. I'm on a road trip...
  9. Joined a new Intellivision Brotherhood Tier:
  10. Nice - It is so easy to miss things...great find, I too hope someone here bought it.
  11. And I wondered who got that "The Controller"! I should have known.
  12. Is that Amiga JoyPad an actual Intellivision or is it Coleco! I always thought a few of those may be in the wild...but have never seen one. Have you plugged it into a system?
  13. The Congo Bongo. I think it was $325. NIB I thought it was a good price then!
  14. I am so happy to have found my NIB one a few years back!
  15. I am lost at such things eBay.... I'd love to help but can't.
  16. I would bid but Hank has me blocked. :-)
  17. I'd be bidding but you have me blocked on eBay. :-)
  18. A couple of us want this badly. Gonna be a stupid high price. LOL
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