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  1. You are missing some great games if you only collect the Gatefold boxes. IMHO
  2. My son and I collect sealed and shrink-wrapped as a goal. We have at least one of every game released including all the home-brews. Most of the home brews are new in box as well. Here is a link to our collection. https://www.flickr.com/people/13839114@N00/ or this might work better to view the whole thing. https://www.flickr.com/photos/13839114@N00/albums
  3. I still need a shrink-wrapped CBS Turbo! Of the INTV games I have 7 or so sealed (Shrink-Wrapped) with Toy 'R Us or KB Toys stickers and the rest are super minty including Learning Fun 1 and 2 and Spiker. They would pass as new. Someone has to have a Sealed CBS Turbo. (I have a sealed mint Coleco but not a Shrink-Wrapped CBS! Somebody has to have one somewhere. LOL Help me finish my shrink-wrapped madness!
  4. BBWW

    I sent a message but want to say here I would love a TV POW as well. I already did a personal donation but will pay a bit extra if I can get one. Thanks for doing this.

  5. Please I would love one and I will toss in extra cash for Oscar!!!
  6. Nice pick up. My quest for a sealed one will most likely take forever!
  7. $2000 at the minimum on Ebay. The last CIB one I think was $2800 or $3200, it was a few years back. A CIB version will be worth more than no box. If there are a couple of serious parties bidding on it, you could get more in auction.
  8. Thanks, this is Jay from Facebook. We are already talking. :-)
  9. The first one we got was early on. Fellow AA member Lathelost the bid on it due to a "Snipe" malfunction and after a quick meeting in the Garage at PRGE I passed it on to him. (Ok that is not how it happened!) Two years later we found the other one...and now the CIB with the Cover. It only took 7 years to get this. LOL
  10. So this arrived today from a Buy It Now listing... We had one CIS (Complete in Styrofoam) now we have a genuine CIB! We will be posting for sale or offering our first one for Trade soon...
  11. If you have stuff to trade I do have a nice (non-reproduction) LF 2 Box.
  12. Still looking to finish off my sealed Sears set. I have all of the more common ones sealed.
  13. Trying to order two of each but can't get the website to work. Granted I've been under mandatory fire evacuation for 11 days so I may not be functioning well. - Oh wait... I found it. It was just not a click add to cart kinda thing.... Never-mind! Sigh
  14. Hummer, having trouble. I want two. It might be a Safari issue.
  15. Buck Rodgers and the Planet of Zoom is nearing Completion. Not on the list but a cool retro-arcade classic.
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