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  1. I understand clearly. And can the extra option be added to the Baud section? For example, what is the option of 6000 Baud? Attach Image. Thank You!!!!!
  2. Is it possible to add the emulator to load the cassette games but from an external audio? For example from an old cassette player.? As does the ZX Spectrum emulator called Spectaculator? Thanks: D
  3. Thanks for that information. Now it is possible to add to the Altirra emulator the option to load games from real cassette? As does the ZXspin emulator?
  4. Hello Phaeron Can you add the cassette loading option called Injektor? For you to understand me better, look at this pair of videos.
  5. Altirra load cassette system INJEKTOR ?????? Video Youtube example Load Tape Injektor Atari. Forum : http://www.atariware.cl/aw/foro/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2974
  6. First of all greetings to all. This later the option to record tape as Atari800? And with Turbo system? Thanks: D
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