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  1. I’ve been following this for a while and this is so awesome I had to make a video 😎 Great work by all who is involved ♥
  2. sodarun


    Awesome work darryl1970 ( Had to make a video) Skip to 10:04 to see Pengo
  3. sodarun

    Popeye 7800

    I just played this and WOW 🤩
  4. Thank you for this, we always need more Atari ST stuff
  5. I created a Video on the new 5200 hacks keep up the Awesome work
  6. sodarun


    Love the music
  7. If your looking for games lukiegames sells ColecoVision https://www.lukiegames.com/colecovision Not bad prices
  8. so far this looks and plays amazing, great work SmittyB
  9. Hey Folks I played a few Prototype's of 5200 games Hope you enjoy 😎
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