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  1. I realized earlier today that it had been a couple of years since I was last here, and my gaming collection's grown since then for many older consoles. I have more games than the ones I'm showing here, most being grouped with various series. I decided to take these pictures while I was reorganizing my collection, and I'm seeing all sorts of games I forgot I had, and others that make me wonder why and how I got them. Classic Systems: NES Games: SNES and N64 Games: And of course...Atari games: These were a good find, given that both of these games are a lot of fun. I find it kinda funny that the boxed Jr. Pac-Man still had the 90 day warranty card in it. Recent acqusitions: I just got these a couple of days ago. I found the three Atari games at an antique store for 2 bucks each and .... I've learned to really dislike games from Data Age. Games for somewhat recent consoles: I've collected all sorts of GameCube games for well over a decade, now. I got a few of these games recently, but I've had a good portion of them for at least ten years. Playstation 1 and 2 games: These are most of the games I have for the original Playstation and the Playstation 2. GameBoy games: These are some of the games I have for all of the GameBoy consoles. Like the Gamecube, I've had many of these for years.
  2. My collection of things related to classic games, from Atari 2600 up through the generation 6 consoles.
  3. One thing I always like doing is collecting every game in a series I enjoy in some form.
  4. I know. The good classics don't seem to be in short supply. And thank you.
  5. Hmmm.... Is that why those particular games are pretty common?
  6. This is my current collection of classic games. I only started collecting Atari games recently, but I might be off to a good start. My Atari 2600 jr. and accessories: Super Nintendo wireless controller These are great controllers. Atari 2600 games I don't know how I ended up with two copies of Combat, but I'm guessing it's not hard to end up with multiple copies of common games. The Tele-Games edition of Asteroids was an interesting find. For a game with millions of copies supposedly in a landfill, it is incredibly easy to find. If this "game" didn't come with my Atari, it would be in the trash can by now. Ah, Frogger. This version is one of my favorites. So far, Yar's Revenge was the only Atari 2600 game I bought new in its box as it is my favorite Atari game. The comic does an excellent job at explaining the story. That's my classic game collection for now, but this collection is likely to grow as time goes on.
  7. Yeah. They probably dumped a lot of games in the landfill, like the one they pulled from their lineup. Some E.T. carts are probably there, but it is still doubtful that a lot of E.T. carts are in a landfill when it is very easy to find. Besides, what would a game sitting in a landfill for 30 years be worth?
  8. That is interesting. I guess it means it doesn't take long for something to become a legend. Of course, Atari isn't helping matters by not keeping their stories straight.
  9. Interesting article. It'll be interesting to see what they will find, if anything, but are the people involved in this dig aware that E.T. is not exactly a hard to find game?
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