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  1. Can someone please link a legitimate source of this Nt mini vs Noir Jailbreak info being discussed, either from Kevtris or Analogue?
  2. This is a beautiful piece of kit. My biggest dream is a Jailbroken Firmware like the Nt mini. Imagine the more elusive/expensive 8-bit computers all wrapped into one C64 - pure bliss!
  3. Hey all, just heard about the N8, and since this thread is great resource for discussing all things FPGA related... Quick question for you gurus... Do you still need FDSStick, or now N8, to correctly play FDS roms on Nt mini, or has there been developments with loading from the Nt mini's internal SD?
  4. Hopefully we get that FPGA dongle first. The Sega CD Model 2 looks hideous. I'm dreading the day my Model 1 bites the dust. I just did a recap and trace repair of my power board.
  5. While my Sega CD laser keeps going strong, several discs already have bit rot I keep dreaming of the day, someone makes a compact Sega CD FPGA dongle that clips onto the Sega Genesis expansion. Preservation of CD anything is a big deal for me.
  6. Wow to the hubris of people claiming they know what's going on behind the scenes with Kevtris and Analogue, as though their opinions are facts.
  7. Maybe he has an agreement with Analogue to not discuss anything that hasn't already been officially stated.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can also go back to any previous firmware. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. I've to admit, I was skeptical we'd see a Jailbreak.. at least this soon, but Wolf_ called it I can't wait for somebody to dump Super Turrican DX, so we can enjoy it on all our SNES hardware. Thanks for JB and happy V day!
  10. I guess I'll be the one to ask.. So why exactly was Wolf_ banned? Maybe I missed something, but it just seemed like several people didn't like his opinions, fair enough. But is that considered trolling? https://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules
  11. Brief summary of comments from last several pages
  12. Where are the Super Nt reviews on YouTube? Don't some people already have them? There still an embargo in effect, and if so... Why? Can't wait to see if these live up to all the hype. Loving my Nt mini everyday while I wait.
  13. I just hope one day, we can play the real Super Turrican the way it was originally developed, on a CRT
  14. Since I don't have any RGB SCART monitors, I decided to set everything up for Component. HD Retrovision cables for the win! I can easily transition everything over with the OSSC when CRTs are extinct. My local Goodwill stopped carrying CRTs about two years ago
  15. Thanks for sharing this info. I'm curious if I can use this solution for my RetroPie box. I was planning on getting the RetroTINK but it won't fit in my case.
  16. I know you can pass VGA to component with something like the Audio Authority 9A60 and get no lag. Not sure about HDMI to VGA though.
  17. No need to be afraid - this ain't no SNES Classic Edition If these are the same great quality we've come to expect from Analogue, they should have no trouble pumping them out to meet demand. Plastic injection moulded shells probably make things easier on the manufacturing side. I waited until the second batch, after Jailbreak was announced to order my Nt mini, and only had to wait 3 weeks. No biggie
  18. I want to start off by saying, I truly appreciate all the hard work Kevtris and Analogue have done, making these devices possible. I'm the proud owner of a Nt mini and consider it one of my most prized possessions in my retro gaming collection. I absolutely love it! That said, if you want certain features in the Snes Nt, you should probably address your concerns directly to Analogue before making a pre-order purchase. It's really important for Analogue to hear your feedback, as opposed to getting lost in a forum. We can all help make Analogue the best ever! 1.) Ability to load roms directly from SD card 2.) Jailbreak cores 3.) Snes Nt model with Analogue video support 4.) Other
  19. Good point, I wasn't thinking about the cart slots. That sounds like good news then. I'll be happy just playing SNES games from SD, so I don't have to steal the SD2SNES from my RGB modded SNES
  20. Good question, but I wonder if Analogue would even allow Kevtris to do that since they're still selling the Nt mini.
  21. There's too little information currently to justify pre-ordering something 4 months in advance, IMO. I'm definitely very eager to learn more about it. Kevtris and jailbreak were deciding factors for my Nt mini purchase
  22. I can confirm the Famicom Network Controller works with the ColecoVision core, using the port on the back. It also seems to work fine with the NES core. I haven't had a chance to test all the other cores. One big bummer is the lack of menu support, so you can't use it as your sole controller. Hopefully kevtris will expand the capabilities with firmware updates.
  23. If you're really into retro computers (Commodore Amiga, Apple, etc.) the MiST FPGA is for you. MiST FPGA has no overhead for HDMI, which allows some more advanced consoles like Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16. However, you'll probably need a VGA adapter for your TV. I'm using an Audio Authority 9A60 (VGA to Componnent) and experience zero lag. Everything I've thrown at it works flawlessly. I still prefer the overall design of the Nt mini. It feels more like a finished product. Hopefully kevtris will have time to add most of the other cores between paid projects. In the meantime, the MiST FPGA makes a nice companion to the Nt mini. Totally recommend both systems!
  24. Thanks Smoke, you never cease to amaze!
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