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  1. I assure you that it ISN'T vaporware! Derek Else (the original programmer) recently did some more demo updates (which DON'T seem to work within BlueMSX, by the way), but DO work within ColEm, and some other ColecoVision emulators. He and I are looking into further programming developments to help bring this much-needed game into fruition. Good quality video games DO take time to produce. Thank You!
  2. Hello! How do you programmers type in characters like ! (the exclamation point) using the ECS keyboard?!?! I've seen a video on YouTube showing a user having an ECS keyboard (from what I've seen, he used an escape code to input an exclamation point with his); would a similar method be used for inputting other such characters, which are absent from the ECS's chicklet-style keyboard?! RT12 Productions
  3. Hello! Would I have any interested takers who would like a newly-revamped hack of Sears' Steeplechase game for Atari 2600?! How about some improvements (choose your horse, choose race type [steeplechase/flat race], pari-mutuel wagering options, ...)?! Thank You!
  4. How about making it into a BATMAN & ROBIN game (with a rotating villain for each level). Batman could be depicted in blue, while Robin shows up (in this game) in red. As for the rotating villains: Purple may be used for Joker, gray for Penguin, green for Riddler, a darker bluish-purple for Catwoman, ... . Try to have the Neal Hefti-composed theme programmed for inclusion.
  5. I longing to see my favorite HORSE RACING game in its new Amico port!! I do hope it'll be every bit as good as the successful original. A brand-new Rainbow Thoroughbred Stables with a lot of new colored horses (besides the original roster of 8). Choose your own jockey. Choose your own post position (stall at the starting gate). More/new/better wagering options.
  6. Here is the corresponding Hebrew transcription for INTELLIVISION: אִנְטֶלִּיבִֿיזֹ׳ן which is transliterated as ʾINṬELLÎVÎZHŌN; with a teth, veth-rafeh, and a zayin-garshem (having a holam point in-between the zayin and its garshem).
  7. The Arabic transcription for the name INTELLIVISION should appear as إِنْتٚلِّيۋِيژٛـن and transliterated as ʾINTELLĪVĪZHON, with true letters for both the <V> and <ZH> (namely, the vav and zheʾ—a 3-dotted <W> and a 3-dotted <Z>, respectively). The transcription on the actual game console box appears slightly incorrect, by using the letters faʾ and jim instead. Does Ecico Electronics publish any INTV games localized into Arabic and/or Hebrew?!?! Do they also produce their own ECS and iVoice modules?!?!
  8. Would you still remember a post awhile back that informed about a company from Europe (The Netherlands, I believe) that makes sturdy acrylic video game console cases that can house a Raspberry Pi (or similar) minicomputer and I/O ports... is it called the GAMESTER, or the GAMEMASTER?!?! Would you—still—have their company's website address?! Thank You!
  9. Hello again, GraziGamer! Do you have any ColecoVision/ADAM programming experience?!?! Have you programmed any games?!?! How would you like to help me program HORSE RACING CHALLENGE?! Thank You! RT12 Productions Producer Of Quality Games & Software Distributed Through ELEKTRONITE— Electronic Thoughts RT12 Productions Producer Of Quality Games & Software Distributed Through ELEKTRONITE— Electronic Thought
  10. Hello! I saw photos for both color choices for your new IntelliXpander module console—both the brown/gold (INTV 1 style) and the white/red (INTV 2 style) look very fine (these color choices for whomever wants ’em). Please put me down for a white/red model IntelliXpander!! I do hope it’ll have ports for keyboard/mouse/musical keyboard (organ type)/extra controllers/microphone/headset/Internet, and a good sized hard drive. Please keep the cartridge pass-through port. I also hope that the Intellivoice’s audio/speech capabilities get built-in. Thank You!
  11. Does anybody have instructions on how to do an HDMI mod on an INTELLIVISION console (any model)?!
  12. In Memory Of KEITH ROBINSON We all surely miss you. R.I.P. Who now has the archives for the Tutorvision project?!?! I sure hope we’ll STILL get the whole Tutorvision games collection and system files; they’ll still be needed for our 3rd volume on CD software, INTELLIVISION TEACHES. Do we have any more recent updates (more Tutorvision game .ROMs and revised system files)?!?! Thank You!
  13. Hello, FDR4Prez! How about making a SuperUltimate Atari joystick/paddle controller that's based off the Atari 5200 SuperSystem controller?!?! Then—you may take advantage of its built-in keypad, and have it compatible with A2600/A5200/A7800 games!
  14. Hello! I plan to use an actual outer shell (top and bottom) from an actual old Intellivision console, albeit without any of its original innards, and resume afresh from there. I’ll also need to build an LED indicator light in there. Thank You!
  15. Hello! Has anybody with a NDS using Intellivision Lives! been able to get Horse Racing to play successfully (without crashing down)?!?!
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