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  1. thund3r


  2. Hi guys, I hope this is withing the rules to list here, i'm in the process of selling of the last of my retro items and atari collection. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-Lynx-Bundle-Including-Lynx-1-Lynx-2-24-games-Power-Supplies-And-Cases-/172117097643?hash=item2812fa7cab:g:pXwAAOSwWTRW0zxo What you see here is my humble set of Lynx's and 24 games, full list below. If you have any questions please feel free pm me here on on ebay. • working Lynx 1 • Spare Lynx 1 with broken power socket- could be used for spares • Working Lynx 2 • Plug in power supply • In-car charger • Travel case for Lynx 1 with 2 game card compartments • Travel case for Lynx 2 with 12 game card compartments and space for chargers • Boxed hockey game card • Boxed pinball jam game card • Boxed xybots game card • 2 copies of California games game card (both boxed) • Boxed Batman returns game card • Boxed Ms. Pax-man game card • Boxed STUN runner game card • Boxed super skweek game card • Boxed Hydra game card • Boxed Toki game card • Boxed crystal mines II game card • Boxed Robotron 2084 game card • Rampage game card (not boxed) • Pinball jam game card (not boxed) • Block out game card (not boxed) • APB game card (not boxed) • Dinolympics game card (not boxed) • Shadow of the Beast game card (not boxed) • The fidelity ultimate chess challenge game card (not boxed- previous owner has written name on top of game) • Pac-land game card (not boxed) • Hydra game card (not boxed) • Blue lightning game card (not boxed) • Switch blade game card (not boxed) • "Lynx log" magazine • "Lynx user" magazine • Owners manual • Rycar video game manual • xenophobe video game manual • Gauntlet: the third encounter video game manual • Electrocop video game manual
  3. Hi guys, I attended a Retro gaming event in the UK last weekend and this adaptor was one of the first things that caught my eye when I came in. From comments made by other attendees it seems rather rare and I cant find much information googling 'Atari 2600 multicart adaptor' as it just brings up AA threads about the Harmony cart. Any ideas what this is and what its called?
  4. Has anyone ever managed to get a 5200 working in the PAL region? I'm guessing it requires and AV mod and a stepdown converter to get it working.

    1. 108 Stars

      108 Stars

      No 5200 expert, but if it is like any other system it does require a step down converter, and an NTSC compatible TV set. Not sure if an AV mod is available, if there is it will require one with RGB. Simple AV cables don't display NTSC in color on PAL TVs, but RGB does on most TVs.

  5. This sounds like an amazing Idea, are you going for a small print run of the book to start with or going via a larger publisher?
  6. Hi Dualcam, I was wondering as this works via usb whether you've had any success getting it working on Wii with Stella wii or Wii2600?
  7. I can remember a webring of Jagfest pages around 2002/2003 around the world when Jagfest UK was starting off and there was a small obscure group of japanese atari fans that got together. Not sure what the website was now but I remember it was something pretty shoddy at the time so I doubt i'll be able to find any information on it. I know that the jaguar had a very limited release in Japan but i'm not so sure about the Lynx, so this could quite possibly be an import.
  8. Just watched Rise of the planet of the apes, nice sutble references to the original series

    1. greencoman


      I was going to see that too hope it is a good movie always loved the originals.

  9. This looks awesome, wasnt there a group (many) years ago looking into doing a source port of Doom for jaguar and improving upon a few bugs? Would it be possible to work with them in conjuction with your idea to get a LAN or IP based doom working? (just a thought!)
  10. Sweet, now i just need to dig out my jagcd to give this a whirl!
  11. thund3r


    I'll take o.... ...oh.
  12. Managed to trade some Master system games with a guy in New Zealand for some 7800 goodies, only he traded at PAL 7800 with no cables (which i was happy with). My only query is using a UK PSU with a differernt PAL console, will it blow up if it plug in in?
  13. How many gold pieces are you looking to trade for it? PM me if you'd rather not discuss it here.
  14. Just sent you a message on ebay, but i'm definatly interested in this
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