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  1. I've received some questions:


    - Red/Blue Space Armada, Space Battle boxes: I've added the 2 blue versions with the same number like the reds for the purists:) So yes, all the 54 cards shown on the pictures will be included

    - Limited run: It's not a limited run, but after the first run the price will be way higher due to the lower production numbers

    - Combined shipping: It's possible for up to 3 sets, the first set costs EURO 35, the other two costs EURO 32 each

    - Shipping date: Production takes about 1 week, so the shipping will be one week after I've collected the money


  2. Hi Marc, Would you be able to ship assembled for same price to USA? I don't trust myself to put together without messing it up and really would like it for display purposes especially since there is no cart slot? Thanks. Joe.


    Don't worry, the box is completely assembled, you just have to unfold it. I ship all my boxes this way and never have had someone damaging the box by unfolding it:)

  3. Hello dear Intellivision fans :)


    This is the first time I am doing a box for the Intelli. Actually I am a big fan of the system and have most games (still a few games missing for the 125 club;), but I always thought that the community has already enough box makers. Additionally, I can only do the 2600/Coleco box-size boxes (at least at the moment, since tooling is quite expansive). Well, so why a CC3 box? User mjarnold7 had pushed me quite a bit to do it so you have to thank him in the first place;)


    So how to get a box: Atari collectors most likely know it already: A box is EURO 14.00, worldwide shipping is EURO 4.00 (uninsured, no tracking, robust box, 5 to 10 days shipping time) or EURO 37 (insured, tracking, robust box, 15 to 30 days). There is no cartridge holder included (Atari and Coleco boxes usually include them, don't have any for the INTV). The boxes are delivered flat, so it's unlikely that they'll get damaged during the shipping process.
    If someone organize a group order: Up to 8 boxes can be shipped for EURO 4.00, for EURO 37.00 more than 50 boxes can be shipped.

    My Paypal address is [email protected] and be sure to double-check your shipping address.
    End of line...
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