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  1. Al, please add me to the bulk order US list as well. My rgc waitlist number is 401. Thanks.
  2. Any chance on adding Space Ace to the mix? Trying to locate a long box of that has been harder to find than Brain Dead 13 and Primal Rage!
  3. Alright that sets me at ease. Hopefully I stumble across those and Primal Rage one day.
  4. I was finally getting around to putting some of my more recently acquired games with the rest of my Jag collection and noticed that my factory sealed big box copy of Dragon's Lair feels a little off compared to some of my other Jaguar CD games. When I slightly shake my sealed copies of Baldies and Myst, I can hear and feel the contents inside moving around. When I do the same with Dragon's Lair, nothing is moving around. The contents inside the box also feel firmer in Dragon's Lair and it does not have the slight box indentation on the back side like the other Jaguar CD games that I have. I've also noticed on Baldies and Myst that the plastic seals have a 2-3 scattered hole punch circles that the dragon's lair copy does not share and that the Dragon's Lair box is slightly larger than the other two. Anyone else have a sealed copy of Dragon's Lair with a similar experience? I'm wondering if I have been had.
  5. I'm interested in one and would probably go for the box as well if those end up happening.
  6. Ordered. I’ve been having a blast with wormhole as well. Keep them coming!
  7. *bump* still on the hunt for a complete (big box included) or a factory stealed copy. I'm getting close to completing my collection so even any leads on where I could possibly find this would be helpful!
  8. You can still get the b&c one also, just gotta send them an email.
  9. Got a pleasant surprise when I came home from work today and saw this had arrived! I only was able to play it for about 15 minutes so far but definitely looking forward to future sessions.
  10. Looking for Brain Dead 13 for the Atari Jaguar. Preferably complete.
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