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  1. Ebay has PCBs, Sean Kelly has reproduction cart shells. If you're making your own dedicated carts, you might be able to get both from someplace like Packrat Video Games (who get shells from Sean and PCBs from Harvey DeKlein). I don't know why anyone one bothers 3D printing shells when Sean's reproductions are perfect in every way. As long as you're not making a competing multicart, he's fine selling them to you. He only requires that there is a minimum order of 4 shells. Harvey DeKlein's boards are really the way to go. No soldering, they can be programmed at anytime with the edge connector on the PCB with a standard programmer and a special connector. As for legality, its fine to make personal carts of any game. Any original GCE game can only be sold at cost (per Jay Smith's request, the owner of the rights to all original era Vectrex properties). Any homebrew game must have the permission of the developer. In most cases, they are selling the game themselves, having someone else sell it for them, or wish that their games not be sold. Please respect their wishes.
  2. I recall buying your first batch kit so you could get the second batch kit. First is a single PCB board while the second is 2 PCB halves.
  3. Sean also has a new Pitcher's Duel overlay and chrome or black chrome replacement joystick knobs available on his website.
  4. 50TBRD


    Between several exclusive games - Head-On, The Core, Robot Arena and the support for VectorMAME games, it's a bit more than a glorified storage device.
  5. And they were gorgeous. Definitely legendary status now.
  6. There is always going to be a desire for quality controllers. Developers come and go and do not have the desire to continue project forever and I can't blame them. Oliver has stated that he will not be doing anymore for a while once his current batch sells out. There was quite a lot of interest in the controller from the pictures in the original post, however the developers never made more than half a dozen or so. I think it would be great to see a milled controller similar to the Vectorcade.
  7. Very nice. 109 is quite an accomplishment.
  8. Good luck. I don't have much confidence shipping a Vectrex across country let alone across the World. I've had them shipped to me, including a Bandai unit but the sellers were extremely careful. It was a box within a box and a ton of padded mailers between the unit and the box and the inner box and the outer box.
  9. I had wondered if Chuck Van Pelt had gotten back into making modded Genesis Controllers but now I see this post. I'd like to see someone modding SNES controllers again. There's no adapter for them. Virtual Boy Controllers that work with Vec Wars Devolved too.
  10. Its always interesting to see what kind of controllers you come up with. Loved my MiniVex I and MiniVex II.
  11. Great work. I've been waiting for someone to integrate buttons into a light pen for a very long time.
  12. 50TBRD

    Need a Vectrex

    Its all about being vigilant. Sometimes ebay will have deals if you keep your eyes open. I always recommend checking craigslist often.
  13. I think keeping an Neo Geo or Vectrex is ok. Probably shouldn't keep a Magical Chase, Little Samson, Aerofighters, etc if it came through though.
  14. It is your interpretation of the original artwork and is technically unique and can never be exact. Had you been commissioned to replicate it or touch it up, you would be compensated for the work. These people would not benefit with out your work and honestly replicating/touching up the artwork is the only legitimate act, since they are the ones infringing on trademark/copyright by selling the artwork/duplicating a product. Unfortunately, you don't have much recourse aside from flagging the listing should in appear on an auction site.
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