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  1. Here two pretty fun boss fights. The dragon is from the end of Project Z the other never made it into the game.... yet... =D Enjoy Skeleton.bas.bin Dragon.bas.bin
  2. 0.01$ us oh and i guess ill buy it too... as long as shipping is free . No? Ok i would guess around 50. Maybe more on ebay
  3. Totally bout to happen man o.O No honestly get me some music code and it will be there ^.^
  4. simple enough ill add it into the final cut thanks the game itself is short, and therefore i made the difficulty high, ive said it before and ill say it again. when you do get to the final boss and possibly kill it, ITS SOOOO rewarding! ive had 2 people beat it out of the 6 that tried
  5. not sure if this is called the vader but i love it the most.. Right next to my black Gamecube, Fat ps2, and Sega genesis on a model 2 CD, black is cool. also have sunnydale heavy sixer and a modded flashback 2 thats about to be a portable....
  6. only one person said frogger! i have that shit in my VCS at all times, with a copy of galaxian right next to it.. Frogger! ---- numba one Galaxian! (I have a galaga arcade sitting in my gfs living room and when im at my house i play this!) Pole Position (i find myself putting this in almost everytime i play 2600 lol) Centipede V-V Milipede -play these two almost everytime too
  7. Mike thanks for the feedback, ive really considered many of these possibilities before, and i understand that some things can be better. But instead of rebuilding this game and adding more levels im compelled to continue with my other project. Ive said before this is my first game and it is not perfect. I can say that this is like a teaser for what is to come. I love action shooters and survival horror style games and that is what i plan to create. I want to leave this game pure, There is story line to this game that is only explained in the manual. And it makes sense of whats going on in the game.
  8. No this kind of feedback is a good thing, yet it could have been more polite yes .. The intro was designed by Cybearg@atariage, i think he did an amazing job! I do understand that the first lvl is tough to bare through but it gets better, the second level is really the hardest part of the game. and for good reason. Im an avid Nes collector and recently got into VCS i wanted this game to have that nes feel to it without loosing the 2600 spirit.. i know its simple and straight forward but yet its challenging in its own way. Have you even fought the final boss? Thanks for the true feedback!
  9. This is great! Im getting alot of great feedback and it makes me happy! Thanks guys!
  10. Thanks everyone! I feel that i could have done more and more when i finished, i still had a list of stuff that i wanted to add. But ive been working on a Contra style game that has proven to be quite amazing. (first hint on this subject to anyone) I really like the capabilities that bataribasic has for someone with almost no knowledge of programming to make a completely awsome playable game. I made this game short yet challenging, there are points where i though it could have been refined like waiting and waiting for lvl 1 to end.. The final boss of this game was actually intended for my next game but it fit just right. And the first time people fight it, its jaw dropping. I hope to hear more feedback about this game because there was a very small group of testers and it seemed rushed at points.. But all in all im totally happy and will be getting the copies i promised made aswell as copies for myself. To answer the "complete" question. cart, instructions, and box. Thanks! im really happy and hung over
  11. All the info is here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216300-project-z-coming-friday-13th/
  12. I hope to have carts soon! Project Z.bin
  13. Why cant i edit my posts? Grrr... Anyway please note that the bandicam kinda messes with the flicker effect so it dosn't look as good
  14. Here is some gameplay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu9qMBa5b0s&feature=youtu.be "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">
  15. I dont think this post belong here but we can all relate with power supplies for all systems.. Anyway, I have a 10V Dc power supply for a super Nintendo that reads 15V! is this bad? Also ive noticed when i opened a few other power supplies like atari's and these dont have regulation! so they can read wierd numbers.. I bought a few new ones and there not heavy at all i thought this odd so i opened one up and found that they are regulated and there isnt a big stepdown prosses ( the heavy part ) Anyway im just woundering if 15V is high for a 10v Adaptor? The 9v adapters stay around 8-10 Thanks
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