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  1. Look again. Yeah I agree with bjk7382. I shouldn't have created this subject, because my bitching about it won't change anything.
  2. Grrrr... what is it with these mo-fo buyers thinking they can just set their own prices? I've emailed him several times saying... no... no... no. (And, it's not just one game... he wants all 3 games for that price.) I'm not selling games for charity. I'm using the money to pay my bills. Grrrr.
  3. Like I said before, that's a good point, but 99% of the stuff I sell is brand-new or like-new condition. My stuff doesn't have scratches or ripped labels or anything like that. I wish I could afford a digital camera.
  4. PS2=2000-2005 is 5 years... that's standard. Actually, the Cube and Box are only 4 years, which is SHORT for console life. The crash of 1984 was partly caused by the companies themselves. Yes, people stopped buying stuff, but instead of regrouping, many companies just gave up. The declared gaming to be dead. Even Atari quit. Smarter companies (Nintendo/Sega) realized that the game recession was merely a blip, and NOT the end of videogames. And they jumped into the vacuum left by the idiot American companies. Fast-forward to modern times: Videogames may receed in popularity, but I don't think Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft will be as bone-headed as Atari and just "give up"! They'll scale back the number of releases per year, but they won't quit. There won't be a crash.
  5. MacGurl (or whatever her name is) was right. There are a lot of people on this board that should be ignored. Look, I'm not interested in having a fight. I was asked for an opinion, and then I expressed that opinion. The End.
  6. Wow. And David Crane thought of this? Wow. He must be a genius. What is David Crane doing now?
  7. You asked. I answered. And then you called me an "asshole", because you didn't like what I said. I think you should take that finger and point it towards yourself. Or else, don't ask for people's thoughts.
  8. Just curious... what else does it do?
  9. The game is on sale. BUY IT. What I'd like to know... if I play Metroid Zero, is Original Metroid still worth playing?
  10. Click here: http://www1.jcpenney.com/jcp/Products.aspx...cPtr=&SearchIn=
  11. No. The 2600 version was directly ported to the 5200... and then modified for the different CPU. Because the programmer took the simple "cut and paste" approach, it gave him extra time to create the second game. Anyway, the result is that the 2600/5200 are nearly identical. re: Making Pitfall 2 carts... would it be possible to make Pitfall 2 without the music co-processor? No music, but still the same game.
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