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  1. woah how did you clear the ram here using ldx?
  2. That was what I meant 1 controller with 2 thumbsticks and 2 buttons. I think if I gut that and build a housing in a sony dual shock ...
  3. Hi I'm having a look at some debugger disassembly and have a question ... here is the bB code: missile1x=0: missile1y=0: AUDV0=0: AUDV1=0: COLUBK=0 pfscore1=%00000000 pfscore2=%00000000 score=000000 player0: %00000000 end player1: %00000000 end the current asm looks like this lda #0 sta ram_83 sta ram_88 sta AUDV0 sta AUDV1 sta COLUBK lda #0 sta ram_F2 lda #0 sta ram_F3 lda #0 sta ram_95 lda #0 sta ram_94 lda #0 sta ram_93 It seems wasteful to lda #0 6 times . So I wanted to remove the bB code and I wanted to change it to this: asm LDA #0 STA ram_83 STA ram_88 STA AUDV0 STA AUDV1 STA COLUBK STA ram_F2 STA ram_F3 STA ram_95 STA ram_94 STA ram_93 end But it seems I can't use the ram values as they show in disassembly am I missing something? **edit seems this did the trick and also saved about 34 bytes it also produced the asm as I hoped for. asm LDA #0 STA $83 STA $88 STA AUDV0 STA AUDV1 STA COLUBK STA $F2 STA $F3 STA $95 STA $94 STA $93 end
  4. This might help for background music & fx https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-commands.html#ex_sound_with_bg_music
  5. Hey KevKelley do you know which screen you were on when you fell off the stairs? I'll need to look into that before adding anything else, if the player does get stuck you can always go to inventory to exit game which is a soft reset.
  6. Added a small sample build to first post.
  7. I like to think of a finite statemachine as a programs brain turned into a variable. Sections of code can then be activated by the current state of said variable thru a quick on...goto statement at the start of each page of code. Imagine a chameleon who has all colors stored in pages of code and for him to blend against another color he has to update that variable that accesses the code. Sorry that was a terrible example lol.
  8. You could try building a finite statemachine so you wouldn't need to count.
  9. Not sure if I understand it but would it be possible to xor the bits without counting so it only flips the bits you need flipped? Genericvariable= Genericvariable ^ %00010101
  10. Finished the first level design
  11. I got the working copy on my Funkey S under the sdl retro app with the stella 2014 core. Worked out a inventory system this weekend then coded it this morning . Will continue on framework this week. Needs sound fx, the main game loop of events is soaking in my cranium to see where we start, end, and challenges in between. I suspect crossing the Euphrates will happen via Frogger-style or even Pitfall! perhaps. And I am also figuring out James request that the stairs are actually interactive you may even be able to jump on them lol.
  12. Started a new game inspired by Sumerian Myths. Latest Build: Temple of the False Gods ver 0.7 May-29-2022.bin Controls Joystick Controller Fire Button uses item Holding Fire Button [about 3 seconds] opens inventory menu. Use left /right to navigate menu , fire to select item
  13. Just thought I'd drop in and announce I'm now working on Surtr2. Nothing to show yet stay tuned...
  14. I was kinda wondering if there has ever been an ergonomics controller for the ol 2600. I was thinking of something along the lines of using both ports wired to 1 controller with 2 buttons and 2 thumbsticks. There may be more possibilities if the keyboard controller (i.e. basic programming) board was reimagined... Has anything ever been produced or is this just not doable?
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