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  1. I loved the item graphics but the gameplay sucks
  2. This would be a interesting game to remake. It does not follow the movie plot so I could see a lot of interesting content that could be added in a reboot. Off the top of my head the fight with the bald german guy would be a boss fight. The whole smash the truck into other vehicles trying to steal the arc could be done in a spy hunter style level. The movie intro escaping the rolling boulder would be great. The fight at Marion's bar...damn lots of missed opportunities.
  3. No No I'm working in asm. The prototype thing in the first post was done in batari basic.
  4. I believe Spies In the Night uses procedural generation to create the walls the player hides behind. He also had some example code in the thread. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/238778-need-help-optimizing-random-playfield-routine/
  5. Subroutines that use a bitvariable can be activated by a condition that sets the bit on. When using the sub inline you can just check the condition if it returns false then jump to the next part of your program. If it is true then execute the code then switch the bit off to reset the condition
  6. Wow this sounds ambitious hope it works out. Good luck
  7. I think I may just move this idea over to assembly programming ( the current version is 32kSC bB). I would like to make this game with at least the full playfield including PL0 and have a little more control of my cycle counting.
  8. Wait so progamming with Superchip is not the same as programming a Supercharger?
  9. Thanks ZPH! Hope you had fun with that. I hope to have a few more features in the demo.
  10. Been slowly bringing this closer to a demo. So what's here? - a 32x 22 playfield - a temporary level to play in (from sword of iffrit the old 4k one) - lite dialog system - a working store - items to collect (armor, magic ring, roots, helm, treasure) - an enemy to kill (a spider) - death screen - title screen - useable item (heath potion) - enemy randomly drops treasure chests. - score tracks # of gold pieces - inventory system tracks what you find (here I am aiming for selectable weapons and useable items). - Theme is based on JRR Tolkien's The Silmarillion (it may span several cartridges) controls - Use JOYSTICK to move and attack with FIRE button. - HOLD the SELECT button to go into inventory. - Cycle inventory by pressing RIGHT on the JOYSTICK. - To use potion highlight it in inventory and press DOWN the life gauge on the lower left will refill to max life. - RESET switch returns to titlescreen - On the "SHOP" screen FIRE is advance/confirm and SELECT is esc/cancel. There is only one item for sale at this time. Whadda ya think? The Children of Hurin prototype WIP.bin
  11. I only want the flashback portable to return to the 2016 D-pad, keep the B/W switch (that holds its state) from the 2017, and the nicer LCD of the 2017 (the colors were slightly darker but looked sharper)
  12. -Added extra lives -fixed a bug where restarting the game caused the baby to drop instantly
  13. Is this for DPC+? You didn't mention what kernel was used. If it is DPC+ then could we get an example for the Standard Kernel?
  14. I tried this it gave me 100 extra bytes for a total of 211 bytes of ROM space left. I guess with that I could try adding a high score saver or play around with the possibility of adding extra lives or powerups. I'll see if I can get back to it tomorrow. Thanks I never knew we could drop include functions that we were not using and since I have never messed around with scrolling that was a great thing to learn.
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