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  1. Just thought I'd drop in and announce I'm now working on Surtr2. Nothing to show yet stay tuned...
  2. I was kinda wondering if there has ever been an ergonomics controller for the ol 2600. I was thinking of something along the lines of using both ports wired to 1 controller with 2 buttons and 2 thumbsticks. There may be more possibilities if the keyboard controller (i.e. basic programming) board was reimagined... Has anything ever been produced or is this just not doable?
  3. ultima


    Thanks for checking it out. It was my first batari project from 12 years ago I even started some work last year on hummingbird 2 that follows up on most of the points brought up in this thread. We have a ton of hummingbirds in southern california so I had lots of inspiration back then lol
  4. Sure glad you liked it. Yeah I never got around to finishing the manual but its fine if all you want is a custom cart.
  5. Sounds interesting I need to read the docs on it but that would be a good idea.
  6. Sorry for the late reply but yeah for better or worse this was the final. Although looking at it with fresh eyes I think I could have done a better job.
  7. I finally made some progress on this project a major hurdle involving an idea to trace the location of all the characters in a timeline to figure where they are at any given time. Now this was maybe a bit more involving since upon re-reading the silmarillion I read a passage from the history of middle earth books where christopher tolkien mentioned he wished he had tried rewriting the book as there were missing materials at the time it was deadlined, but with all the available writings anyone could "write their own silmarillion". So I went this route using the narrative of the silmarillion as the skeleton of the book and added missing details of the "story" from the lost tales, unfinished tales, the grey annals, morgoths ring, war of the jewels and the peoples of middle earth. And used the full book version of the children of hurin to develop a very uncompressed version of the silmarillion. So using this as my new reference I am now creating a timeline forward from the music of the ainur to the 5th battle of beleriand. Hope this explains why there has been nothing of note going on here.
  8. I agree. Games with quick time events are all garbage tomb raider reboot comes to mind. SH Origins is a sad excuse of a game in the original Silent Hill you could kill all the enemies in an area and then wander around and enjoy the atmosphere but in that crap game they just keep regenerating. Another garbage point is the original game was inspired by the movie Jacobs Ladder where the protagonist can't control going to his own hell but in that trash origins he can jump in and out of the mirrors. Anyway, I do look forward to a non roguelike silent hill style game in 3d. The developer Sungrand Studios has been given the green light and they are shooting for a December release with 2 more games following it.
  9. Finished GTA liberty city stories without using cheat codes for the first time since it came out on psp..

  10. Yeah they are waiting for nintendo to finish the approval process. The first game 3 down stars I believe is retailing around $20. Undertakers ( the atari infuenced game) they said should retail for $1. The last game was only just anounced so no details yet.
  11. Here's a screenshot they posted the other day from Silver Falls Undertakers
  12. All of the titles center on ufo stories.. The first game in the series is silver falls 3 down stars. A silent hill style survival horror title. The second game is silver falls undertakers an Atari vcs graphics inspired horror game. Taking place in the 70's more details are coming soon... The third game in the series will be silver falls deadly shadows a fixed camera angle style about a crew of lumber jacks.
  13. I have been following this development for about a year now and it looks like Silent Hill with some nice enhancements to that type of gameplay. http://silverfallsgame.com/ The gamestudio behind it are now having problems with Nintendo over getting it into the eshop. Maybe just a little more awareness in the gaming community might change the big N's mind.
  14. More info here, and no Johnny you can't have the rom http://silverfallsgame.com/
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