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  1. I'm so curious 🙂 Waiting for the shipping notification
  2. There are some games like Chips Challange for which there are three different cartridge versions - curved, flat, ridged. Is there a way to determine from the box which cartridge version is in the box? (so locked boxes do not need to be opened). 🙂
  3. Bomberman AND cats? That‘s really great! :-)
  4. You were right. I have removed the internal circuit matrix, now the games start again! I've cleaned the matrix but that doesn't help. Is there something more I can do?
  5. I've tried the games you've mentioned: BumpNjump - Stops at the Titel Screen Masters of the Universe - is working Burgertime - is working I've done a test with the MTE-201 - all looking good until the start of Baseball at the end of the tests. Then only thin what went wrong: the controller on the right side has problems with the keypad - sometimes there are two numbers lighting at the same time. Somwhere I'read that such "shorcuts" can also do bad things - maybe I should try opening the Intellivision and disconnect the second controller.....
  6. Strange problem with my Intellivision: It does not work any Mattel game - it comes the start screen, which I can not get out then. It does not matter whether I use the original cartridge or start the game via LTO! Flash. Third party games work ..... I first suspected the controllers, then cleaned them (but the buttons were already in the LTO! Flash menu before), so it can not be due to those I think ..... Does anyone have an idea here? Maybe one of the ROM chips?
  7. Thanks for the tips - I didn't knew that they are nearly the same as the MSX games. I'll have a look at them! :-)
  8. While waiting for my Super Game Module I want to ask which SGM compatible games are the best to buy actually. So I have a few of them when the SGM arrives
  9. Email sent - would be great to get some Pro Controllers.
  10. Jungsi


    One also for me please!
  11. Jungsi


    Great - looking forward to get one :-)
  12. Great news :-) I'll take also one!
  13. Jungsi

    FlappyBird test

    Thanks to Tonma for the game und Karri for the Cartridge! Arrived in Germany. It's great working on my Lynx 2 with McWill Display - also highscore is saving. :-)
  14. Thanks - that pointed me in the right direction :-) I've forgotten that my ROMs are stored on a NAS in the network - copied them to the SSD drive where the program is stored - now it's as fast as usual!
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