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  1. How well does it play Master SYstem Games?
  2. A nice little update on this. The mini has Xlink Kai. What that means is you can play games online, for free, with other Xbox users. So the original Xbox no longer has live, but with this app you now can play online.
  3. Already looked into, lets not clog this thread up with irreverent stuff. I'm open to PMs to think of ideas or brainstorming
  4. After all of the requests I will make these for people. I just need the research funds first. The consolized game gear and a great lsdj are my two goals and upcoming projects
  5. That is where I started out back in 2008. I wanted gba on the TV. The problem with that is the video quality. I don't mean composite. As it barely clamps onto the existing LCD cable the picture quality is very unreliable. For those who don't care about video quality and something durable its a good route. I don't mean that in a backhanded way either. Some want the GBA on TV just to have it. Those who really want it will be very frustrate with that route and end up having wasted their money. Both have pros and cons, it's all about what you want in the end.
  6. I can understand where your coming from. For me I see no need to own a GameCube so this is a better alternative. Using this concept I can also make large screen gameboy handhelds. and cater to the lsdj market I do appreciate the ideas as it helps me with my next work. This is a stepping stone for a larger model. Plus I personally think the case is sleek as anything and is much nice to put next to your set top box then a colorful GameCube.
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