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  1. My 800's artifact colors have always been blue and green instead of the UAV's purple and green or red and cyan. 
    Games like Ultima III actually depended on that for their color.  
    While everything now looks significantly clearer, those that depend on artifacting for color now look...wrong.

    Is there a mod I can make to my UAV to allow enough adjustment of the delay to get back to my original blue+green artifact colors?  

  2. Just thinking here... There may be a way to get some crude alignment on 2 voices with AUDCTL, especially if you can base some pitches off the 15KHz clock. Load the intended pitch, but flip to the 1.8MHz clock until you want the wave to start. You'll get ultrasonic (silent) waves until you flip back and then the slow wave starts. EDIT: I guess that's no better than cramming a divisor of 0, though except that it would affect 2 voices at once. Although flipping to the fast clock would run out the timer on the current pitch quickly since you can't align anything until the counter expires.
  3. Just the datasheets, app notes and emulation info on old voice chips. Looking at the requirements. Well, I believe you can align a voice by: 1. knowing the cycles since Pokey was reset (using WSYNC alignment or maybe triggering an interrupt off a voice?) 2. cramming a short pitch value (perhaps at 0 volume) to delay the next square wave. Cycle counting would be needed, but at least locking to scan lines makes it deterministic. I've also thought about the sounds Alley Cat makes. It's possible there's enough poly sounds already in there that would be suitable for a crude robot voice if you could find them all.
  4. After reading old documentation on speech synthesis, I'm convinced that intelligible speech can be done on Pokey without the overhead of sampled phonemes. You need to identify the main frequency components and type of noise (f, s, t sounds) needed and change them at regular intervals through the phoneme. The poly sounds could be really good for getting basic combinations of frequencies too.
  5. Sometimes the drive spindle or clamping cone bearings have dried out. Note when testing the cone bearing that it won't spin freely unless it is pressed down into the spindle hub (when the door is closed).
  6. Anyone in Poland willing to help me buy something off Allegro?

  7. Hey everyone! I'm finally finished with the remodel and sale of my house and I'm in the process of moving and setting up a new electronics lab. Sorry I've been away so long!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bryan


      No, I'm staying nearby. We've got my wife's elderly parents to look after.

    3. doctorclu


      Welcome back Bryan, you were missed!

    4. Stephen


      Great to hear you survived the move!  We kept the lights on here for you.

  8. I'd love to buy a couple of the audio companion boards, but I can't find them anywhere. Searching just brings me to the "all about the audio companion" post by Bryan.


    Does anyone know where I can buy these?

    1. DrVenkman


      Check with @MacRorie at The Brewing Academ

    2. Colleton


      Will do, thank you.  I just ordered a UAV from them, hopefully they will have the AC as well.

  9. Hi Bryan,


    I'm just down the road from you in Miami.  I'd like to order two UAV's.  One for my 800xl and one for my 130xe.  I'm handy, so whatever version you feel is best is fine with me.  I have a pretty well-equipped workshop.




    ** TNM **

    1. John Stamos Mullet

      John Stamos Mullet

      Bryan doesn't sell these anymore. You need to order them from here: https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-800-xl-xe-xel-xld

  10. Bryan


  11. Hello, you can't receive PM's. But, I was curious if you got around to playing with the power supply on your JVC TM-A13SU like you mentioned in that older thread. Mine still runs great a couple years later. 

  12. I want to give everyone an update: I have been working full-time on renovating my house to sell. As many of you know, my wife and I spent 3 1/2 years in Costa Rica and I had a large freelance job lined up that I thought would provide income while we were there. Well, it kinda fizzled due to a lack of interest from the other party and when my wife and I moved back, we were deeply in debt. I bought a cheap fixer-upper house in Michigan so my wife could take care of her mother with advanced diabetes. At first, we were going to live here and slowly work off our debts, but with the rising real estate market combined with a generous offer to live cheaply with friends, it has become important to finish up my repairs and sell the house ASAP for a fresh start. To this end I've been living in a construction zone and maxing out my credit cards to get the work finished and I hope I'm in my final month of this gigantic task (this house was cute, but completely trashed in every way). I'm shipping out current orders as I can make the time, and I hope to resume development of future products as soon as I get my lab set up again somewhere else. I know I still have PMs to answer and I'll fill as many remaining orders as I can, but I'm not planning on ordering any more boards until next year. I just wanted to explain why I dropped out of sight for a little while. -Bryan
  13. Just found out what happened. Due to budget constraints, Rob Wyatt had to swipe the web server computer when setting up his office.
  14. Likewise, I didn't actually think the shirt was for early VCS backers.
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