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  1. The AC mixes one or more sources into a single channel because mono output is used far more often in Atari systems than stereo. Two of them could be installed for stereo, but you could also wire in stereo audio directly from TIA and then use an AC to generate an alternate mono signal. To do this, follow the mod described here:




    Then run left and right (before the output capacitors) into AC inputs A and B to mix them without affecting the stereo signal.

  2. On the 6-switch, the extra 4050 buffers are used in the joystick trigger circuit so if you remove the 4050 you have to make other modifications. The solution presented here will work however because we're putting a socket over the 4050.


    If you do remove the 4050, then put a 1K resistor between 4050 pins 6 and 7 and another between pins 9 and 10 to restore trigger function.

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