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  1. I hope I can maybe provide some help here as I was tinkering around with my LTO Flash last night after I pretty much just dumped all of my games onto it with no folders and it was a mess. If I misunderstood your post, I apologize in advance. I have Windows 10 OS by the way. I created a folder called "LTO Flash" on my hard drive. In the folder, I created folders A-Z and copied all of my games alphabetically in each folder. I then opened LTO flash interface, deleted all of my previous files, and once I was done I clicked on "add folder" on the top left. I then browsed and clicked on the "LTO Flash" folder on my hard drive and hit open. This took all of my already created folders and put it on the menu. I then just clicked "send to LTO Flash" and was all set. When I put the cart in my INTV, I had all of the alphabetical folders and could go into each one with "enter" and go back to the main menu with "clear". I'm sure this method also works if you wanted to do different types of folders like Mattel games, homebrews, demos, Coleco, Activision, etc.
  2. Yeah, looks like it's sold out. Tried to order from INTVrev a few minutes ago.
  3. Woah! Thanks for all the links. Appreciate all the time that must've went into these posts.
  4. Wow! Keeping my LTO Flash hot. Thank you so much for these Nano!
  5. Cmadruga, thanks for providing those links and sharing! I ordered from Carl some years ago and had no issues. I hope he is OK. I was going to order Ms. Pacman from him, but I think I'll hold off after reading this thread.
  6. Thank you all for the responses. Appreciate it. Nano, very sorry to hear about your wife. Sending positive thoughts your way.
  7. Just got my LTO Flash and was wondering which sites I could download/purchase homebrew roms from. I could only find Intellivision.us as such a site and Carl Mueller's site seems to be gone. Thank you.
  8. Nice work. Looks awesome! Can't wait to get a flashcart to play the rom proper. I've only played the Atari 8 bit version.
  9. Got mine. Looks and plays great. Manual is even all color!
  10. I've been using a four port 5200 adapter from on my Intellivision II for many years with no issues.
  11. I definitely want one, so please add me to the list (if there is one). Still mad at myself that I missed the first batch.
  12. I've found that collecting has become very expensive the last year or two, especially on eBay. Diner is definitely worth the price. A new game is over $60 when you count dlc, outfits, packs, etc. You'll get plenty of replay value from Diner, especially if you enjoy Intellivision.
  13. Awesome. Looking forward to getting it
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