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  1. Just signed up. Looks great. Appreciate this as my old controllers make some games way more difficult than they are intended to be.
  2. I've had my four port 5200 for a while and now when I turn it on the picture is snowy/static and the sound is thus also distorted due to the poor signal. Is this a common problem with the switch box or another issue?
  3. Stop bragging Still looking for one loose.
  4. Wow, this is insane. Glad I bothered the hell out of them with emails after my preorder for the overlays took months to fill.
  5. I am finally getting back to my Intellivision after a long layoff. My wife had our third and things got a bit crazier than I expected. I'm really looking for a loose diner cart to get my playing and collecting going again this summer. Condition is not really an issue for me as long as it works. Thank you.
  6. Very cool. I hope they make one for the Coleco Flashback. Those controllers are way better than the originals.
  7. Wow! Just received my patch and certificates in the mail the other week. Amazing stuff and excellent quality. Huge thank you to DZ for the great game and prizes. Proudly going up in my game room. Too damn cool!
  8. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives for INTV. Third in the Burger Time series exclusive. You can't pepper Guy Fieri because he wears shades.
  9. Saw those two on Ebay, thanks. Very steep prices for the condition, especially compared to what similar condition CIB Diner was being sold for the last two months on there.
  10. I'm looking to use the last of my Christmas money on picking up an in-box Diner (does not have to be in great condition). Anyone willing to part with one? I know this should post to the marketplace, but I haven't had much luck posting there compared to the excellent experiences I've had on this forum. Thank you.
  11. Very cool of you. Please tell me you're also a Juventus fan.
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