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  1. does the tape start slowing down and eventually stop altogether?
  2. have you demagnetized the head? or even adjusted it? as regards the sio noise when lead is moved, electrical contact spray is good at cleaning the pins. also spray the actual lead connections too. helps get rid of dirt/oxidisation that affects the audio signal. hope you get it fixed. I agree with the bad caps issue too, caps can be gone even if they aint bulging or burst open. cheers
  3. hello there, have you checked the small pressure pad above the head? if thats gone or overworn/very dirty/ that can cause problems. and also its worth checking the head is clean. ive always found these to be most common problem on the 1050. cheers
  4. Hi there, whats the prob with your 1050 drive? brenski mentioned it today. cheers
  5. are you using the monitor port or the RF unit ouput? if using monitor port, what are the ends connected to on your tv?
  6. saw this program too, was great, liked the part where they showed the lucasfilm logo from the Atari 8 bit loading screen, but I wish they would of at least give the Atari 8 bit a mention? if they did then I missed it.
  7. Hello fellow atarians, I am having same problem with my 800xl, been fine for 30 years and suddenly it doesnt goto basic on boot up. followed your posts and its 40 ram blocks normal and 48 if hold down option. ive reseated the mmu and basic chips already and they were clean and probably didnt need it! Please let me know where to get a MMU chip replacement. Dont need to solder, my 800xl is REV A no. 034 so its a real oldie! the chips are socketed, so heres hoping to get a new mmu. Its funny, very very rare do I play cartridge games, but prob has been since I have done recently. Thinking of checking connections for dry joints ect. will liet you know! thanks again!
  8. Hi Folks! Im new to this site, Ive been 8 bit atari user for 30 years. One of my 800xls has recently decided not to go to basic when switched on. it makes usual fluttery noise, then goes to self test automaticly. (without holding down option) . passes all test no probs. It wont load basic games, but works ok with all software cart/disk/tape thats not basic. Is it the MMU or basic chip perhaps? Ive taken them out and cleaned the pins and reseated them and still the same. Are these chips available to buy? What you reckon? I like keeping atari hardware alive, I refuse to let it just die after 30 years faithful service! nice to meet fellow atarians!
  9. Hello all, Im new to this site, big atari fan, outstanding forums going on here. Anyway I remember 808 state used atari in thier music too. It was in the credits in an old album I used to have.
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