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  1. Blood Bros. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Daioh Dead Connection Devil Fish Flying Shark In The Hunt Marvin's Maze Metal Slug X Tapper Tetris (Atari) Thunderforce AC
  2. Thanks. You could've won easily by playing 3/4 of those missed rounds. Some of your scores were out of anybody's reach. Which brings me to a question: have you considered making shorter seasons, VectorGamer? To keep things maybe a bit more competitive and less of a test of endurance? 130,330
  3. Since it's one of games I suggested, I'd like to compete this week too... ...but I'm also really bad at fixed shooters, and looking at the scores posted so far have a lot of work to do during the weekend. I've actually never played this version of Space Invaders before. Here's what I got so far: 65,350
  4. Have you tried DeSmuME? http://desmume.org
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