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  1. I finally recieved my lot! It includes Deadly duck,beamrider,dragonfire,beany bopper,fast eddie,bank heist,front line,entombed,and cosmic swarm. I only payed $15.25 shipped!

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    2. cvga


      Beamrider is incredible!

    3. DoctorTom


      You got some solid titles and one great game there -- Beamrider. Enjoy!

    4. yarjr


      This copy of Beamrider is in better condition than the last one I owned too!

  2. I recently purchased deadly duck,dark chambers,haunted house,beamrider,dragonfire,beany bopper,fast eddie,bank heist,front line,entombed,and cosmic swarm for just $15.25 shipped in my little atari facebook group. And before you say it I was suspicious too but Ive already been tracking my package! I believe I robbed that poor old lady,lol.

    1. BydoEmpire


      I've wanted to get Cosmic Swarm for almost 30 years now!

  3. Someone bought an Atari Jr from me and now wants a refund because they can't get it to work on their hd tv with some kind of rf converter,lmfao. NO!!!!

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    2. MattelAquarius


      Bet you $10 they are trying to use an RF modulator in reverse.

    3. MAC-42


      ^Yup. Made the same amateur hour mistake when I got my 7800 back last year. Felt like a real moron when I realized what I was trying to do. :-D

    4. Atarian7


      Did you tell them how to hook it up?

  4. Maybe your really lucky and they're protos but I doubt it.
  5. You can't. The best you can do is mod your systems for RGB scart and then use a hd upscaler.
  6. Brand New,sealed, Big Box Sierra city building game that came out in 2000. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 321495047001
  7. Up for sale I got a high speed Sony Minidisc player/recorder plus 8 minidiscs (three blank and sealed!) now for just $30 shipped! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 321483112755
  8. I never buy anything that valuable there. Just neat famicom multicarts!
  9. Up for sale a boxed Bentley pong system that came out in 1983- eBay Auction -- Item Number: 321483119121
  10. I got a Bentley Compu-Vision for sale if anyones interested.

  11. Up for sale I got a Walkman MiniDisc player and 8 Minidiscs. I assume my fellow atariage members might be more into unusual dead formats than the average person. Check it out! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 321477454934
  12. Nope. My first system was the Sega Genesis followed close behind by the Gameboy Original.
  13. Anyone interested in a high speed Minidisc recorder/player? I figured some of you might appreciate dead formats a little more than the average person.

    1. Tickled_Pink


      Yeah. Minidiscs are great. They're small enough to be used as coasters for whiskey glasses ... seriously though - I miss mine, even though I only ever used it for recording University lectures. MP3 recorders just aren't the same.

    2. lushgirl_80


      I'm interested! PM me!!! :)

  14. Psytronik Software made it right. Because of the delay, thanks to there policy of manually sending links to downloads which I still think is dumb, they gave me free game along with my purchase! Im happy now.

  15. I know that logo and that voice,its CHURCH! RED VS. BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. How much to ship the Competition Pro to 49079 if its not sold?
  17. Got the bad ending in KInight'n'Grail last night. Drank from the cup and turned into a skeleton,lol. Thank God I saved right before that.

    1. chas10e


      you chose ..... poorly

  18. Most often they don't run or have unbearable headache inducing graphical glitches. I have been able to get several to work but Ive had to go through 7 or 8 files,loading,resetting,loading resetting just to get to one that works. I have yet to get multi-disk games to work. Anyone got any advice?
  19. Could I see a pic of the damage on the Competition Pro joystick?
  20. A lot of the games you have on the SD card don't load because their PAL. I know this because Ive replaced them with NTSC fixed files that worked. Some files just don't load for some unknown reason. I have also added games not found in that directory that work fine. Im looking for more NTSC fixed games. According to lemon64 members creatures works on the sd2Iec but finding an NTSC fixed copy is a bit tricky and even then some files just don't want to load. Commodore 64 collecting/gaming definitely favors those in PAL regions.
  21. Got any good links to NTSC fixed games I might have missed RealAnubis?
  22. So I bought that sd2iec from Greg2600 and love it but I am having trouble getting multidisk games to work. Might just be the files I'm using. Also having trouble finding certain games in NTSC. Anyway LOVE IT!
  23. If you like Gauntlet you would love, "Into the Eagles Nest" for the Commodore 64! Its Gauntlet with Nazis!

    1. RJ


      Also for Atari on cartridge (XE)

    2. atarian63


      Yes. I prefer atari

    3. yarjr


      Blah,I don't own Atari Computers. I prefer the C64 mainly because it has infinitely more games.

      Love my Atari consoles though.


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