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  1. Who said otherwise? Workers have to be paid for their job! I am talking about a ROM being freely available until this commercial thing was set into motion.
  2. The hell happened with the free ROM released a couple of years ago for the MegaDrive/Genesis??? It seems to have disappeared from internet. I hate that previously available ROMs vanish just because some idiot decides to cash on it.
  3. My guess is an ARM core running Linux, just like the community-driven FPGA efforts.
  4. It was NOT sarcasm, but a fact: an FPGA implementation that is half-accurate won't show video slowdown in situations where real HW wouldn't. It just makes no sense. In such implementations, you may see games just break, but internal design timings affecting gameplay would be very rare. This is not emulation, where CPU / memory bandwidth can be depleted during some frames causing host-level slowdowns... My guess is that you never played Metroid or Super Mario Bros. 3 on the original hardware: anyone who did, remembers those games had major slowdowns when several sprites are on screen at once.
  5. Running games from SD slot can't impact a game's slowdown. That's just imposible, it makes absolutely zero sense.
  6. @Enragedwhale Very good news, as I have spoken with Kevtris and he could see the defect. He's currently busy, but he will investigate. Record more NTSC games if you can, please
  7. Fantastic! If you get to upload a video, we can pass it to Kevtris on discord so he can see there's tearing with SMS NTSC games on 60Hz video modes. For uploading I can recommend dropbox, or maybe we could exchange Telegram so you can send me the videos directly if that's OK so I can send them to Kevtris, or you can give them to Kevtris directly on discord. Some seconds of video, even at 1080p, shouldn't be so big. I can convert the videos from 4K to 1080p if needed. How big are the video files straight from the GoPro? Also, in the Castle Of Illusion video you have uploaded I can't see more than 5-6 frames and tearing is not visible. Is it supposed to be visible there?
  8. Hi, I had a lengthy conversation with Kevtris about this yesterday on Discord. Initially he noted that these games ("Deep Duck Troube", "Bart vs Space Mutants", "Batman Returns" and "Master of Darkness") are all PAL-only releases. So Kevtris tested them with a 1080p 50Hz mode, instead of a 1080p 60Hz mode, and he could not see any tearing. I replicated that configuration, and I couldn't see any tearing in 1080p 50Hz mode either. So my conclusion was that these are PAL games, programed for a 20ms per vblank period, while NTSC only gives the games 16ms per vblank period, so these strange tearing problems would be due to the game's code being prepared for 50Hz instead of 60Hz. The problem is that games like "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" and "Castle of Illusion", which are both USA & Europe ROMs/carts, also show the exact same tearing in 60Hz. However, Kevtris can't replicate that tearing (I repeat: Master System NTSC games on a 60Hz video mode) on his setup. So, do you have any means of recording the defect so we can show him? If we don't, I fear he won't be able to fix it. Also, tearing is present on GameGear games in 60Hz modes. Which of course is NOT supposed to happen because GameGear is ~60Hz.
  9. Look closely at the upper part of the screen in "Batman Returns" and in "Master of Darkness" as you scroll on the first level on any of them. You will see the tearing. Also, please note the missing notes in the music of "Rastan" in FM mode. About the MiSTer, I didn't bring it up this time. I would really want the MegaSG cores to be on par with those on the MiSTer, really. But being closed, we can't fix anything, only you can.
  10. I use to think the same, but try the Genesis Plus GX core or the MESEN core on the Raspberry Pi 4 BUT disable vsync and enable 1-buffer mode on the RetroArch video options: you will be surprised to find the exact same lag you find on an FPGA MegaDrive/Genesis implementation and the same level of correctness In fact, for Master System games you will be better server with RetroArch running a Pi 4 in single-buffer mode + no vsync + no threaded video + 45ms audio buffer than you will be with the MegaSG and it's poor attempt at a Master System mode. However, RetroArch defaults to triple buffering + threaded video on the Pi to fake performance an pretend the thing is able to emulate a PSX (when it is NOT), which gives the Pi the bad reputation about input lag.
  11. Preferences? Do you even read me? I have BOTH: Analogue consoles and the MiSTer (just because Analogue consoles were released before the MiSTer: I wouldn't have them otherwise). So what preference? I will repeat: I have several MiSTer setups, SuperNT and MegaSG. MegaSG FM audio in Master System games: Rastan is missing notes. It's totally obvious, it's NOT an opinion, it's a fact, there's nothing here you can deny or discuss: read me again -> On the MegaSG, FM AUDIO IN SMS MODE IS BROKEN BECAUSE ONE OF THE BEST GAMES IN THE PLATFORM LACKS/MISSES ACTUAL NOTES. Do you prefer that way of expressing it? MI-SSING NO-TES. Relativism won't get you anywhere when you have missing notes, it's wrong, broken, bad, defective. MegaSG shows tearing in SMS scrolling games -> the SMS graphics are objectively broken. It's a fact, it's not opinable, it's a real defect, there's NOTHING to discuss, it's a MATERIAL fact, and again relativism won't get you anywhere. I could do the same for the MegaCD compatibility problems that the MegaSG has, and for the 1080p scanlines problem in the SuperNT core, but it's the same. FACTS: you can't argue on something that is REAL. Do you know where do we have perfect AUDIO AND VIDEO without those DEFECTS? On the MiSTer. There's no opinion about this: these are facts.
  12. What preferences? This is not about preferences but implementation quality, correctness and features. MegaSG vs MiSTer MiSTer -Perfect audio and video, no desyncs, no tearing even in single buffer mode (zero lag). All MegaCD games work, even Virtua Racing works because we have a PUBLIC Sega custom chip (SVP) FPGA implementation on board. MegaSG -Wrong SMS FM audio (Rastan sounds like ass), wrong SMS graphics (tearing, f**ing tearing, no matter what buffering mode you chose), some major MegaCD games crashing. SuperNT vs MiSTer MiSTer -Perfect implementation with almost ALL custom chips on board, again in public form. StarFox, Yoshi's Island, Super Mario RPG... yeah, they all work here with ZERO problems. -Perfect video for all TVs thanks to infinite configuration options. SuperNT -No custom chip support beyond DSP-1. No Starfox, no MarioRPG, etc. Bah. -Bad 1080p scanline alignment. No, it's not about preferences but technical facts. Not only the MiSTer cores are public (you're possibly USA-based so you don't know the importance of things being public) and open, but they DESTROY the Analogue cores in every possible way.
  13. Do you even know what you are talking about here? The MegaDrive and SNES cores on the MiSTer are WAY better than the ones on the MegaSG and SuperNT. I have several MiSTer setups, the SuperNT and MegaSG, and I rarely use the Analogue consoles anymore. I updated the MegaSG, saw the new fullscreen pixel blending (which I already had on the MiSTer more than a year ago) and put it to storage again because on the MiSTer I have better MegaDrive audio, flawless video on Master System mode (MegaSG SMS still tears in scrolling games), MegaCD, NES and all cartidge custom chips on the SNES core implemented, with a more polished core too. Oh, and NeoGeo, Commodore Amiga and AtariST implemented with absolute perfection. Analogue consoles are.. meeeh, by now. But he MiSTer is on another level, you can't start to compare. It runs circles around anything Analogue has done so far, both in core availability and in core quality/fidelity. The public cores have won the FPGA race for retro, there's no rival by now. Also, being public (vs the closed cores on the Analogue consoles) the MiSTer cores are also a true hardware preservation effort, while Analogue cores are private and a simple economic operation for people not related to me and I don't care about (same as they don't care about users being left with major bugs years after the MegaSG was released).
  14. Ouuuyeah!! I hope tearing in Master System games has been fixed too...
  15. Yeah, but you are talking abut SELECTIVE blending in both cases. MiSTer also has UNSELECTIVE blending- which is blurry but looks like an RCA-connected MegaDrive, not like that ugly selective solution that makes some parts of the screen look different thank others, ruins text in a lot of games and doesn't do proper transparency on others. Unselective is only present on the MiSTer core. And in theory te slider in the MegaSG core should allow it, but it does not. That problem would take 5 minutes to be fixed or patched for personal preferences on an opensource core. That's why closed solutions are inferior (apart from bit-rot, etc).
  16. Precisely that is the problem: moving the slider all the way does NOT do non-selective blending. Thats's what it *should* do. Does it work like that for you? Maybe there's some language barrier here and I am not understanding you well.
  17. It's awesome to see how the consumer minds work in certain parts of the world. Instead of joining me for bugfixes or features in a product that advertises accuracy and does NOT deliver it, you join the interests of Analogue, a company that releases new products while leaving previous ones with bugs. That's why opensource solutions are destroying the private FPGA busines. You help my goal with every step Go on like this!
  18. You may be seeing shimmering: it happens when each "game pixel" is scaled to several "screen pixels" using a "nearest neighbour" approach, instead of a linear filter. I don't know if the Mini-whatever has that option. MegaSG and SuperNT sure have some kind of interpolation to avoid shimmering on modern screens.
  19. Nah, I am not trolling (which is probably worse!), at least not intentionally. The strange language I may exhibit is caused by the fact that I am not a native english speaker. I am serious about feeling really offended by Analogue about being promised accuracy and getting this sh*t instead: -No graphical accuracy because of the lack of proper pixel blending, which makes games to look totally different from what they look on my MegaDrive (yet it's an EASY fix I would do if this thing was opensouce... and that's why opensource solutions will destroy Analogue's FPGA business unless they go opensource too. In fact, since opensource and public implementations exist and they are mature, Analogue IPs don't have any real value anymore so they are protecting... nothing). -Even worse: tearing in Master System games. -Broken FM audio in Master System games (I don't think it's so hard to do well, because Master System FM sounds great on the MiSTer and it's open source, so correctness is public). Luckily the MiSTer gives me all that right, but I got the MegaSG before the MiSTer and never really enjoyed it much. It makes me sorry for the money I spent on these products. Now, with the MiSTer, I feel the time for the MegaSG has passed for me, but I would like to see things done right "for greater justice". About selling my Analogue products: No way. I could: -Sell them for a higher price, but that's speculation and I am against it for ideological reasons. -Sell them for the same price I paid, which could lead to speculation, too, and I am NOT contributing to that. So I am probably giving them away (to close friends/familiars who won't sell them) or destroy/recycle them. But you can be sure they won't be on any market again. I call speculators "rats": I won't feed any rats. EVER.
  20. That's incredibly stupid on your side (if you really did that) because I am already enjoying perfect un-selective pixel blending on the MiSTer since last year or so. My Analogue products (both SuperNT and MegaSG) are simply stored because the MiSTer gives me way better results (no tearing in Master System games, perfect pixel blending + scanlines, all special chips implemented on the SNES and no incompatibilities). I am simply indignated by the fact that I believed on a company that promised accuracy but gave us... bugs, incomplete features and incompatibilities. So, good for you if you convinced Kevtris to hold off and never add proper pixel blending. Please, try to convince him against fixing scrolling on Master System games! I have also reported that repeatedly. Do you know who will be missing the unselective pixel blending feature? You. Do you know who is already enjoying that feature on way a better, public FPGA core that also has SVP and MegaCD support? Me. In fact, you are helping me a lot here, since ultimately I don't want any private cores anymore, and by keeping Analogue cores in an inferior state than then public ones, you are building a better future for us all (even if that means my Analogue machines will never come out of storage again: the good of the many outweighs the good of the few)
  21. @zetastrike I am not talking about going back to RF, but simply correct pixel blending (again, optional: it wouldn't be forced!). I started with RF connections on my consoles, and I don't want to go back there, either. But there's no advantage in RF over RCA, while there is a certainly advantage in (again, optional) un-selective pixel blending.
  22. Now, this is reasoning. Nice answer, thanks. Let's see. You say "Not everyone plays games for preservation". Nope, but Analogue claims that their products are a way of preservation. Note that it can be seen in their old page at least (I don't visit Analogue page anymore, and preservation has an actual meaning in public projects where hardware is actually preserved by being reimplemented in a public form). Now, dithering+proper blending was used by many devs to their advantage, as you said. But not small developers, but SEGA itself: look at Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Streets of Rage 2, Ristar, Story of Thor, and a long, looooong list of Megadrive games. Use of dithering + blending on the Megadrive was massive. We're not talking about the SNES here, where it wasn't used so heavily: dithering + blending was a Megadrive typical trick, and ignoring it (even if you are free to do so) visually ruins the games in my opinion (and not only on my opinion). @Atariboy I have nothing to discuss with you anymore, so I don't mind being in your ignore list.
  23. And that's why the option for unselective pixel blending should be there. There's something called "art", and videogame graphists were, in fact, artists. Preservation is also about "letting the art to be looked at, as exactly as possible to what the artist that created it wanted it to look". Other than that, what's wrong with you? I am asking for an option that is absolutely reasonable (the original developers intended to look the games as I say, and from the artistic point of view that how they must look like). It will be an option, you don't even have to use it. Indeed, while I could make the damn option to work as intended on an opensource development as the MiSTer, in the forum for these closed source solutions all I get is emulation kids... How I hate all this. I hope I never got any of these half-baked Analogue things in the first place. The only thing that makes me come here and try to get things fixed after years is that I feel like an idiot because I put money on something that isn't half as good as the opensource alternatives that came after it. In the end, I may well end up selling the Analogue crap so I don't have to try again. You even swallow broken scrolls in Master System games... pff. About trolling: no, I am not trolling. I am a legitimate user expressing legitimate indignation. Something that, in certain parts of the world where consumerism has sucked people's brains, must look like a sin. But it's perfectly logical.
  24. Pixel blending *is* broken. Did you even play a MegaDrive via RF or RCA back in the day? Did you? Really? I suspect you know MegaDrive from software emulation and just got a MegaSG. Do you remember having "Sonic 1" or "SOR 2" or "Story Of Thor" having working transparency but horribly deformed fonts? Do you remember that? No you don't. And do you know why you don't remember that? Because it did not happen in original hardware. And before you come out with some stupid reasoning like "it's HDMI, not RCA anymore", take a look at MiSTer's MegaDrive core, enable "pixel blending" and see how it looks: That's how it looked back in the day. And that's how it's supposed to look. I am tired of Genecyst-level emulation kids by now. Play the real thing on a real RCA/RF setup (as most games used dithering heavily on the MegaDrive) before expressing an opinion about pixel blending. And solution is very easy: un-selective pixel blending. There's already a lever for setting the blending depth, but that level doesn't work as expected, because it should adjust to un-selective blending at some position. MiSTer people got it right because it's easy. This has been reported years ago, along with some other major bugs. None of these problems or bugs are present in community-driven implementations. As they say: the writing is on the wall...
  25. THIS. We have been left with major bugs on MegaSG for years now: -Tearing in Master System games -Broken "selective" pixel blending (just let the pixels blend all over the screen as composite really does, no matter how blurry it looks, that is how it is supposed to look and that's how it looks on an actual MegaDrive connected via RCA.) -Broken FM music in Master System games -Incompatible MegaCD games This is why I am passing on any Analogue products until those are fixed. These are major problems, not small nitty-picky issues. You can NOT advertise accuracy and leave a product like this: that's just scamming.
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