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  1. Very cool! I was looking at the membership card fairly recently. Was hoping to have a video chip, though. I'm very interested in the COMX-35.
  2. I assume you have since seen that the zip only has a Windows executable, as we expected. I would buy this as soon as it had Linux support for game dev. Source would be ideal, but I'll take an x86 bin; however, having an ARM bin in addition would be extra nice, in lieu of source. I have some specific Jaguar dev tools and games I've been meaning to create. I had an official Jag DevKit back in 95, but was too busy with my web startup. I'm ready, now.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to give the information requested and more, for all those who find this thread in the future. Ctrl-S will turn on/off the music. I wanted to note that if one plays Ultima III on an Atari 800 or 400 w/ 48KB upgrade, the music is output to your monitor/TV and the sound effects is output from the GTIA via the internal speaker. Since it was an Apple II port, they just kept the sound effects code nearly identical, just porting it to use the GTIA sound. This has the pleasant (to me) result of adding a proximity-based "stereo" effect between the sound effects and combat music versus the background music. I remember being shocked by the sound effects coming from underneath my hands the first time I replayed it on my 800, after only having played it on my Atari ST in the interim. To me this is the ultimate way to play, and more authentic to the original Apple II w/ Mockingboard version. Of course, on the XL/XE machines, the GTIA sound is output via the RF and monitor ports, and there is no internal speaker, so this effect is lost.
  4. Has anyone successfully built one of these other than Bruce? I'd love to get one of these.
  5. Thanks! Yes, 1stage's board is what led me to find this. It seems that the prolific Bruce has not graced AA with his presence in over a year. Tis a shame, b/c this RGB board really worked and so did his brilliant Micro-Expander!
  6. I'd love to buy at least one of these for Aquarius and Intellivision each! It seems it was working completely for Aquarius, at the very least. I realize you wanted to perfect the composite signal, but I'd be happy with it the way it is, as I'm more interested in RGB.
  7. Thanks! I haven't yet, but I plan to register and post there, as well. Due to the 3K limit on mapped ROM, we really a cart like Melody/Harmony for the VCS, so that we can offload some processing to a modern microcontroller, which would have access to a large flat memory space. Then we create new games to rival the ones created for the VCS.
  8. Hope your dad is doing better! I'm very psyched for your tutorials. I'm already running Linux on my laptop (I don't run Windows or macOS except when I have to), so I'm all ready for the main course.
  9. I, myself, have a need for a flashcart that can map 3KB in at a time, with smaller segments (at least as small as 512 bytes) that can be independently banked, as opposed to the built-in 4 bank entire-3KB-at-once support of the 8048. Otherwise most of my games couldn't be implemented, as the number of combinations of duplicated code and data across multiple banks would use far too many banks. My largest game would need 512KB of code + data. Also, I need to be able to have some of the address space mapped RAM, and have that be bankable (to have, say 8x 512 byte RAM banks. And, for game saves, I either need the cart RAM to be non-volatile/battery backed-up, or have a means to write to flash, like with the AtariMax carts. I have some very cool games planned for the O2/VP 7000/VP 7400, if only there was a flashcart I could develop and then sell them on. I could pre-pay for a bulk purchase of carts. For my first game, I probably only need around 24KB, or maybe around 48KB if the entire 3KB needs to banked at once. I also wouldn't need any RAM or way to save games (although that would be a bonus). So, for this game, I could use a *much* simpler cart, but not just a straight 12KB cart. There were a couple of projects that might have supported my needs. There was Soren's MegaCART and FlashCART, which supported 1MB, but no RAM; and Rene and Gorf's much more ambitious cart, which would have added DPC+ like features (via a CPLD/FPGA) and an AY soundchip, along with multiple MB of ROM and RAM. http://web.archive.org/web/20130613131556/http://soeren.informationstheater.de/g7000/megacart.html http://videopac.nl/forum/index.php?topic=1509.msg13010#msg13010 I haven't looked into the MegaCART/FlashCART. Does anyone know if any were actually built? Soren released all of the information required to build them, so someone could theoretically build these and/or enhance them.
  10. You've probably already found this out, I just found your post. The only reprogrammable cart I know of as being currently available is this one: If, by any chance, you're just looking for a multicart, you're also in luck. As of April 2019 (soon before you posted, oddly enough), the C7060, which has been out of production for several years, is being reproduced under license by PRVG as the C7061. "It is the same thing as the 7060, rebranded as the 7061. Only difference is it comes with a plastic box, and there is an insert listing the games. Plus it will be made as long as there is demand." http://videopac.nl/forum/index.php?topic=3178.0 http://www.packratvg.com/o2c7061.html Now, I'm curious what games aren't on it that are on the 233-in-1. Looks like I bought my Videopac 7400 at just the right time when I bought it a few months ago! PRVG also has a new multicart coming out, oddly enough. I assume it will be a superset of both of the multicarts they currently sell. Combined from two pages on the PRVG site: C7062 ???-in-1 Multicart (TBA) $?? (TBA - 2019/2020
  11. Is there any chance that this could be extended to support linear/flat memory addressing? I would certainly start developing for this, if that were the case. Also, I would love to see a 65816 core on the EclaireXL--but, again, with linear/flat memory addressing. That's the main reason I'm interested in the 65816, and it's the killer feature for programmers. I have some very cool games I could implement with such support.
  12. Was it ever determined if the Spell & Speak AtariVox pitch change problem was just a problem that happens in emulation? Has anyone else had the same problems as MissCommand?
  13. I found the file using the WayBack Machine. I don't know why I didn't think of that before.
  14. The file is no longer available on Der Luchs site and I can't find it anywhere else on the web, including archive.org. Is it meant to only be available on the Madtronix multicart now? My son would absolutely love this game.
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