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  1. Was it ever determined if the Spell & Speak AtariVox pitch change problem was just a problem that happens in emulation? Has anyone else had the same problems as MissCommand?
  2. I found the file using the WayBack Machine. I don't know why I didn't think of that before.
  3. The file is no longer available on Der Luchs site and I can't find it anywhere else on the web, including archive.org. Is it meant to only be available on the Madtronix multicart now? My son would absolutely love this game.
  4. That's great news! So, Richard (I assume) is already on it. I had noticed there were some issue with the AtariVox+ that were being investigated, and MissCommand seemed to find the source for the main issue being the PIC, but there was still an issue for her with Speak & Spell after removing the PIC. I hope that Speak & Spell will work with the new unit, as well. Perhaps no one else was having a problem with that cart and it was just a problem with her unit.
  5. Is the AtariVox+ going to be instock again, or have they sold out for foreseeable future?
  6. (Sorry that this is off-topic.) What 17" monitor are you using that works with your ST with a VGA cable? Most by far don't work (can't sync down to ~15KHz), so I'm curious if yours is one that is already known to work or a new find.
  7. Does anyone have an idea what an adapter from DB-9 to 3x 1/8" plugs would be for? I have never heard of nor seen such a thing before. I tried finding info with Google and came up with nothing.
  8. My sincere apologies, RangerG! I just saw your messages now, and PMed you. I thought I'd see an email when I got a PM--I didn't realize I had signed up to AA with my pre-2006 email address and never updated it (I have now). I'm also amazed that I got multiple responses from folks in the same day I posted. AA community is impressive!
  9. Curious how this all turned out. Hope you recovered source code, games, and tools (and maybe bonus source code to the old games and tools). Must have been devastating to loose everything. I can't imagine. Reminds me of the theft of John Harris' library.
  10. If anyone has a set that they'd like to sell, I'm interested. I just found out about this now, as I just started collecting Inty. Thanks!
  11. I'm curious how difficult was it to convert to NTSC, and if anything had to be cut out/reduced due to less time for VBI and DLIs. Any chance that Lazer Hawk will be converted, as it doesn't run optimally (or at all) in NTSC, correct? I enjoyed reading the article you wrote on Lazer Hawk/HawkQuest in remembrance of Andrew: http://www.ataritimes.com/index.php?ArticleIDX=183.
  12. Much appreciated Harvey! You're such an important pillar of the community! A shame that we stateside folk never were able to experience your games from back in the day. And a shame that your partner on the programming side died so early in life.
  13. I would be interested in one of these if it ever got made. Especially if it uses a Quad Hokey, as was discussed in this thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/254805-quad-hokey-design-topic/. I would love to see Covox and DMA, as well. Might as well wish for the sky, right? Of course, then there's very little chance of it ever being finished.
  14. I noticed before that they do have a file in the FoReM ST section that appears to be a version of FoReM-PC for the Supercharger for the ST, along with a filename of msdos401.zip, which is probably a copy of MSDOS 4.01 for use with the Supercharger, as it contains a .ST file. This is obviously what the-topdog was referring to. That is likely a straight-vanilla MSDOS version of FoReM-PC, since the Supercharger ran unmodified MSDOS software on the ST.
  15. Not sure if this converter from VGA -> component will work with 15KHz RGB, but it's a very good price at $5 + $2 shipping (lots of these on eBay -- can't find one that specifies 15KHz). What we need is an update to the VBXE core that will output component.
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