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  1. Installed today, went slow and took my time. Here are some before and after photos of the print head assembly and a first run of output. Pretty happy so far considering my 1027 was basically a doorstop. Thanks! -Bill
  2. Put me down for 1 rubber and 1 roller. Thank you.
  3. ivop - I have been working through the same issues as you with a Commodore 1084s RGB monitor. To get it to work (Sophia to analog RGB on the 1084s) I built a test rig to be able to quickly try different sync combinations and came up with this: Both jumpers are open on the Sophia board FYI. Connected all pins straight through except no connections for pin 1, pin 6, pin 7 on either side. For pin 8 on the Sophia side (Composite sync) I wired it to pin 9 on the 1084s side (Vsync). Pin 9 on the Sophia side (Vsync) and pin 8 on the 1084s side (Hsync) are not connected to anything. Hope the makes sense. The image seems pretty stable and sharp. Seems a little 'swimmy' but my test rig is not as good as a soldered cable I'm guessing. I have to try it for a while. -Bill
  4. If I can squeak in and request a single board please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the RGB Amiga monitor pics - that's what I also plan on hooking up to when it arrives.
  6. ndary - just curious, from LCD panel or tube?
  7. I would be interested in one as well when they become available. Thank you!
  8. Tonight I swapped the 74LS08 from my 'parts' 800xl and now the Antonia 800xl is working. I'll give it a few days of use to know for sure - but right now it's stable and I can finally get into the flasher menu - never could do that before. What is a really good program to run to really exercise the Antonia? Something I can just set to running overnight and it will give it a full workout? Thanks again.
  9. I would like to do as much diagnostic checking before having to ship it back to you. I will try swapping the 74LS08 as you suggested. Have you ever had an Antonia that is corrupt? And what would be corrupt on it exactly? Why can't I remove it's ROM jumper to clear the Antonia's corruption? Is there any other tests you can think of that I should try? Thank you for the assistance.
  10. Since everything on the 800XL is socketed, I have reseated all those chips. I also removed the OS and Basic chips completely. Along with all 8 DRAMs and the two 74LS158N's. Should the Antonia be able to make it through the built-in XL RAM test? Mine starts off off, then dies about halfway....
  11. The only other 800xl I have I bought long ago for parts (it's non-working). Any ideas why or what I can check?
  12. Hello everyone. I got a change to install my Antonia I received late last year. I have a stock 800xl that I was successfully using for gaming for a long time. It's never been modded, so it seemed like a great candidate for the Antonia upgrade. I installed (having to remove chip U29 due to height problems and jumper that sockets pin 6<>7) and it boots up. But the system is not stable. I have reseated and checked my connections, but I am having a lot of issues. Sometimes when it turns on, it will not go to Basic, or not finish loading DOS. Sometimes the screen is garbage, etc. When is does boot up, and I can attempt to run the ANT.EXE (v1.0 is what I found online), I have been able to change my settings. But sometimes when I run ANT.EXE it returns "Device not present, bye!" And every time I have ever attempted to get into the ROM Flasher section of ANT.EXE it will lockup, or dump garbage characters on the screen. So I can't even attempt to flash different ROMs. I have tried removing the "ROM" jumper several times (do you just remove the jumper, turn on the system, that's it to reset) with no luck or change. Is anyone else having these issues? Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Put me down as interested as well. Thanks.
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