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  1. Funny, i saw it in a faq file somewhere, and it stated that it was in Radio Electronics Magazine in the Mid-Eighties. I just wanted to know if anyone had a copy of the articles. I guess this applies to me:
  2. I wanted to know if anyone could post information about the AGR, and blueprints. Thanks.
  3. would you just have to remap the EEPROM to work on the system? what is bankswitching?
  4. Is it ok to use Eproms to play rare and prototype games on a real Atari 2600? Also is it possiple to use an Eeprom?
  5. im willing to take any offers for a supercharger, but don't know how high i will go...
  6. I was wondering where to get new labels for Atari 2600 carts, also activision. I want new ones because all my carts were picked up at a thrift store. I hope they work, my 2600 should come in this week.(I love Ebay!!!)
  7. I don't know. I guess i would sound cheap if i said $20, but I am only 14 so i guess i could negotiate to a certain extent.
  8. how much for the supercharger lot???
  9. Hello, im new to the Forums and i wanted to know if anyone has a Supercharger for sale. I don't have alot of money , , so i want a reasonable price.
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