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  1. I think reading the cmpq flags is happening too early ? On cycle 3 the flags are in a valid state. Yet the jr pl,waitStart needs the flags to be valid on the 1st cycle. But isn't that cycle 2 of the cmpq ?
  2. there is "offical" and "offical". When I finished the game off at Atari Sunnyvale they provided me with a TT. At Imagitec we had 2 falcons. Freddy used one to program Raiden and the other was used to do the Falcon version of Dinodudes which left me with a TT to carry on Jag Dinodudes.
  3. The dev tools also ran on the TT . Finished Dinodudes with a TT and the 1280 mono screen. Devpac for the editor
  4. The repository from the Graphics Gems books can be found here http://www.realtimerendering.com/resources/GraphicsGems/ The C source for the Jag Chris mentioned is at http://www.realtimerendering.com/resources/GraphicsGems/gems/DoubleLine.c
  5. No need for that about 99% of it is in an emulator CSpect ( http://cspect.org/ ) . Comes with assembler and the emulator contains a debugger so its not that bad to debug.
  6. Next week I am on holiday ( well off to my mums as she having knee surgery ) so tempted to take my laptop and carry on working on it.
  7. Best thing with Next is you can run it at 28 mhz bit quicker than the standard speccy which was 3.5
  8. In this mode yes - but you have to page it into main memory - so you can treat the memory as 8k chunks or 16k chunks . So normally create your array of min/max x and then work down paging the memory so (0, 64 and 128 regions for y )
  9. Speccy rez is 256*192 but on the Next there are a number of modes one being byte per pixel
  10. I started to convert STNICC to the ZX Spectrum Next a year or so ago but like you work got in the way. Got the processing of the data and it would loop and update the palette. Stopped half way through the triangle line drawing to create the spans to fill in
  11. https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/dda-line-generation-algorithm-computer-graphics/?ref=lbp Also you can get rid of the divides as you can replace that with a look up table of 1 / length
  12. That was in PAL Mode - also tried with NTSC and the emulator gives the same result
  13. I don't know if this is a bug with me using Virtual Jaguar , the LSS Player or the mod but it sounds corrupted. This happens after 3 mins 11 seconds into the track ( loops every 4 min 12 secs )
  14. Compared to the original the Jag version is running a lot faster. Doing a quick youtube investigation the video ( STNICCC 2000 demo by Oxygene, 2000 | Atari ST Demo ) starts at 0:38 and ends at 4:10 - so about 3 minutes 30 second. Don't get me wrong what you have done is nice it just reminds me of Benny Hill
  15. I cannot answer that as I worked on the game about 28 years ago , I have drank beer since then ,killed quite a few brain cells and as I said Karl was the guy doing the 3D work. Mileages vary into what textured polys you are drawing and their size and orientation. Drawing horizontal triangles is a lot cheaper than vertical ones as you need calculate the details each scan line.
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