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  1. Karl West who wrote I-War was the programmer on Team Suzuki
  2. The E carts would have been a different production run so who knows. It could be the supplier using a different plastic or even a different supplier.
  3. Raiden and Dinodudes were being finished as the Jag was released to the public. As the Jag was initially released in the States it was more important to get the NTSC version in production and the when the PAL code was completed the roms were dual NTSC/PAL.
  4. LinkoVitch, on 08 Feb 2019 - 12:29 PM, said: if end is the first free byte then you could use move.l #end,d0 addq.l #7,d0 and.b #$f8,d0 if end happens to be on a 8 byte boundary then you would incur an 8 byte gap
  5. I think you need to set 47 TRANS Flag to make logical colour zero and reserved physical colours transparent.
  6. The OP itself updates the memory in the list. As it builds the display a scanline at a time it does some logic on members . Now this is vague memories from years ago , but a normal sprite will have a start Y and an end Y and a data pointer for the current Y. The OP will ignore it until the Y matches . I then think as long as its not the end Y the start Y gets updated and the data pointer will be updated to the next line down.
  7. Evolution Dinodudes is not the standard 320x200 . Its noticeable if you compare the game to other platforms. For the first batch of games there was no standard code to set the screen to 320x200. If I remember correctly I-War when its displays the title screen / credits in the attract mode is 640 wide to make it looks a lot smoother ( https://youtu.be/K6EAd7VoJl0?t=258 )
  8. Yes , but to keep it manageable group them into say 8 objects and try to binary divide the region - that way you minimise the branch objects you have to process. Processing a branch object should be the same amount as not processing a bitmap object.
  9. //clear_video_buffer(); jag_memset32(jag_vidmem, 1, (320*200)/4, 0); //jag_wait_blitter_ready(); Does jag_memset32 use the blitter ?
  10. If you are using a skunkboard to read in files from a pc then memory below $4000 is used ; getBothBuffers - waits for both buffers to be free then returns the ; first buffer ($1800) in d1. Returns 0 in d1 if both buffers do not free up. ; checkBuffer1 - test if buffer 1 is available (returns in d1) checkBuffer1: move.l #($1800+$FEA),d1 jmp checkbuffer ; checkBuffer2 - test if buffer 2 is available (returns in d1) checkBuffer2: move.l #($2800+$FEA),d1 jmp checkbuffer
  11. A good source is the jaguar Technical Reference Manual ( page 18 onwards also explains what is changed each scanline) .
  12. Some of this I guess will be handled by rb+ As the Jaguar has to traverse the who object list every scan line the longer the list the less time the rest of the system has for memory accesses. From the programming manual The following list gives the priorities of all bus masters. Highest priority 1. Higher priority daisy-chained bus master 2. Refresh 3. DSP at DMA priority 4. GPU at DMA priority 5. Blitter at high priority 6. Object Processor 7. DSP at normal priority 8. CPU under interrupt 9. GPU at normal priority 10. Blitter at normal priority 11. CPU Lowest priority While the OP is running it will hog memory access so the 68K cannot read its next instruction and DSP and GPU accesses to main memory and the Blitter can be stalled. Branch objects allow you to group objects so that they need not be processed - a hud a the top or bottom of the screen and the gameplay for the rest. If I am right the OP runs on all scan lines and not just the ones you see. So it is wise to add a couple of branch objects to do an early out to a stop object when you know it should do nothing. ( That's what Atari *recommended* back in the day ) The worse thing about the OP is that as it processes an object it can overwrite it with updated information so every frame you have to rebuild / copy the OP.
  13. Humans is Evolution DinoDudes for the Falcon and Jaguar. I started porting the Amiga code over to the Falcon and got most of it done when I was transferred on to the Jag version. Another programmer did the finishing touches of the Falcon.
  14. When did you get the rights to humans ? I don't have anything from humans I know I had to hand over the source to Atari at the end of the game - it was zipped up and password protected. I think I still remember the password but I have not heard of the discs surfacing anywhere.
  15. I think Ted's wife was used for the voice of the witchdoctor in Dindodudes Hiya Ted
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